Thursday, March 27, 2014


I am really wanting spring to be here. Lately, mother nature has been on a war path here in Virginia. It is snowing almost every week and not just an inch or two, I am talking 6-7 inches. By the time it melts it snows again. I am over it. On the weekends it is back to 70 degree weather but you can not enjoy it during the week. 

1. I am ready for cookouts with my family. I love being around my family and I love having cookouts in the summer time and spring time. I have the biggest yard now so every comes over, they all make something and we just cook out. I am so ready for this to happen, play some corn hole and just relax with family and it not be for a holiday.

2. TAN! I am casper pale. I do not tan in tanning beds but I would like to be less casper-ish. I mean come on, I am pretty sure I can blind people with these legs.

3. Yard work. We built our house about 3-4 years ago and we are about done with getting the inside decorated. We now need to get the outside done. The only thing we have done is plant about 10 trees. I have not one shrub, bush, or flower outside my house. My goal is for when the weather is nice, is to make some flower beds and make my yard all pretty. I need spring to be here first. GET WITH THE PROGRAM MOTHER NATURE. Or one of the home make over shows just needs to come to my house.

4. Parties with friends. I love field parties and bonfires in the summer. There is nothing better than sitting around a bonfire and hanging with friends. 

So whoever ticked off mother nature or Elsa from Frozen..please please make them happy and bring spring here. PLEASE.


  1. Bummer!! We are finally starting to warm up around here and I hope it sticks!

  2. Youre making me miss the summer in the country. I miss bonfires and cornhole!

  3. Yes TO All! I want to be tan too, so tired of being seen Addy night in the dark...

  4. seriously can it please be spring? i can hardly take it anymore.

  5. I am ready for nice weather too! I think this morning it was like 25 degrees!! I am so tired of wearing jackets!!


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