Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Big Brother

One of my favorite all times shows, Big Brother  will be airing this summer. If you have not watched this show, it is 16 people, who normally do not know each other and are sent to live together for a summer. They have challenges, eliminations, and a bunch of other fun things thrown their way. Over the years, some cast members have known each other, sometimes they don't. It just depends on if Big Brother wants to eff with them or not. Their motto is "expect the unexpected."

I blogged about Big Brother quite a bit last year and my blog actually receives a good bit of traffic because of it. I have watched this show since I was in middle school since the first season. It would be amazing to be cast on it. 

Now...my thing is to apply or not to apply again. I applied last year WITH NOTHING. I didn't get a call or anything. The way I see it, is it can not hurt to apply but in the chance I do apply and get picked, do I want to give up an entire summer and be locked in a house full of nuts? You have a chance to win some $$$ but more than likely I won't even get a call back. I mean if you watch the show, you will see their are some whack-a-doodles on there. 

So my question..IS ANYONE ELSE APPLYING?? SHOULD I APPLY? I am very back and forth on this. If you want to apply to be on the show, all you do is click here and go through the steps. You do have to create a video though to send with it and some pictures. 


  1. YES!!! You should apply! Do whatever you can to play up your crazy and maybe they'll call you! I will totally root for you if you get picked!

  2. I hope you apply. I am waiting to see you on tv!

  3. You should totally apply, it would be so awesome if I new someone next summer when it was time to watch. I'd do a weekly support Rachel link up and all of blogland would participate!!! :)

  4. I love this show, but I don't think I have the guts to apply. you should totally apply though!!

  5. is this a joke. you better freakin apply!!! i'm really considering it at this point. i mean, i'm unemployed and might potentially have a free freakin summer! :) if you do get in you'd better mention me and chels on live tv! oh, and if not, well, we'll have a hell of a link-up again :)

  6. Do it for sure! We are actually having an open casting call here in a week or so, some friends and I were definitely planning on going. One of my friends actually got called back and made it to some of the final stages two seasons ago. Pretty exciting! So you never know so do it! :)

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  7. I won't be applying...but you TOTES should!!!


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