Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ACM Awards

The Annual Academy of Country Music Awards are coming up in Las Vegas this year and they are being held at the MGM Grand on April 6th. I love country music. I have been to my fair share of country concerts over the past few years. If you have read my blog, then you know I am a lover of country music and country artist. With the ACM's coming up, it makes me remember all of the concerts I have been to and how much fun they have been. I can not even county on both hands the number of them that I have been to and some I have seen over and over. 

With the Country Music Awards coming up in Las Vegas I wanted to share a few of my all time favorite concerts I have ever been to. I have went on vacations for some with the girls, won tickets for some, others I just went with my husband, and some it is just co workers letting some steam!

This past year year I got to see Florida Georgia Line with Jason Aldean here in Virginia. It was an amazing show. We were 3rd row, dead center of the stage. My friend got Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line's guitar pick, he even winked at me but he did it to a lot of the girls there, and they even threw their drink on the crowd so we got drenched in it! When Jason Aldean came on stage the entire crowd lit up! He was amazing! He is phenomenal in concert. He even got down in front of the girl in front of us and sang into her phone. It made me want to steal her phone from her. 

One of my all time favorite concerts I ever went to was a girls trip to Virginia Beach to see Miranda Lambert. It was my second time seeing her in concert. She even had the Pistol Annies with her. The concert was on the beach so we were almost right at the stage. Her guitarist threw his pick so I got to grab that which made my night instantly. It was at night, we had a few drinks, we had the sand beneath our feet and we got to jam out to Miranda. There was nothing better. If you ever get to see Miranda Lambert, go see her. She really puts on a great show. It isn't about costume changes or lights, it is about the music and just having fun. I suggest taking your best gal pals and going. Make a road trip out of it and just go see her! The one thing you leave with after watching Miranda Lambert in concert, you feel amazing about your self. I do every time I see her in concert and I have seen her 3 times so far.

Now before the big award show, there is a amazing festival going on, in support of some great causes, at the Linq in Las Vegas before the ACM Awards. It is on April 4 and 5 and is headlined by country music stars Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban. There is A TON of more artist playing at this event like my favorites Florida Georgia Line, Justin Moore, Kip Moore, Tyler Farr, and The Cadillac Three (I saw these guys here in Charlottesville and they are pretty awesome).

The festival has so much more than just music as well. They have a ton of activities you can participate in like bow hunting which is demonstrated by Luke Bryan and Justin Moore (I am really wanting to be there for this.) They even had a mechanical bull and bungee jumping. Can Luke Bryan get on the mechanical bull?
Some of the charities that this event is helping are Feeding America, the Wounded Warrior Project, Outnumber Hunger, the Navy Seal Foundation, Nellis AFB Force Support and many more. You can even donate at the event on the festival grounds. 

To get the entire details of the event, go here or to Vegas.com directly. Tickets start at $73.50! I mean honestly, that is what a typical concert ticket cost and if I lived in Vegas, I would be there! (Plus, I do would do anything to get to see Florida Georgia Line again!)

Are you planning on attending this event? Let me know! I want to hear what it is like and all the amazing details! 


  1. Wow I seriously am so jealous of all your concert adventures! I would love to go to the ACM awards!!! Thanks for mentioning this company, I will check it out!

  2. All of the events surrounding the ACM's are so much fun... there is seriously SO much to do and see that week!

  3. I can't wait for Miranda's new CD!!! Also, Kip Moore and Justin Moore...love them!!

  4. I won tickets from Greg Bates last year to the entire event and had so much fun! Anyone contemplating on going definitely should go. It is an experience you won't forget!

  5. I love country music too and you've seen a few of my faves. I also want to see Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts but I've seen how much their concerts are and I have to get a good damn job in order to pay for some good seats. B/c If i go see them i want to be close enough my pics will rock. I enjoy the ACM's every year. Kinda getting tired of the whole Luke Bryan deal giving that he lives 45 mins from here and is from there. But anywho...he's famous now and hell just recently he was seen in the streets of Leesburg, GA playing his guitar. it was on the news here. :D Oh yea, I also want to see Hunter Hayes. :D and maybe a few oldies like Alabama and Ronnie Milsap (i've seen before) and I've seen Billy Rae Cyrus. Would love to see Randy Travis too but he's been in a lot of trouble. LOL Miranda Lambert would be cool to see and maybe even Taylor Switf just to say I've been to see her LOL.


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