Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentines Day for the Country Man

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it is so hard to find something for Chris. He is a country boy through and through and he always will tell me he does not want anything. Well this leads to me feeling like a turd and then I am like welp I need to get you something so what?? Here is a list of things that you can get country boy and you can not go wrong with.

1. Beer. What man would not love a nice case of beer with a bow on it? Chris will be thrilled to get a 24 pack of bud light brought home. Easy peasy. 

2. Anything camo. My husbands favorite color and anything to wear is camouflage. Our curtains are camo (Don't ask!) our bedspread is camo..everything is camo. I know I caved on that one. I plan on going to Gander Mountain, buying a camo sweatshirt and BAM! Taken care of.

3. A good meal. He loves to eat and loves shrimp. I am allergic so he rarely eats it to be nice to me. I plan on getting him it so he can eat what he wants. A way to a mans heart is really through his stomach, at least a country boys heart. 

4. Sexy time. I mean come on....let's be real. What country boy is not expecting this on VDay?? Be real ladies you better give it up! 

It is pretty simple to buy for a country guy on Valentines love him up. What are you planning on doing for Valentines Day for your special person? 


  1. OMG. Well that post just got more interesting the further I scrolled down. Sounds like the guys here...very easy to please;)

  2. i cant help but laugh at the sexy time. That gif is horrible!.. bahaha

  3. Loved this and it's so true. hope it all goes like you want. and wow...that's the first I've heard of someone allergic to seafood such as shrimp. I'd be mad if i was allergic to it. i love shrimp and salmon. :D come share your love story

  4. did you watch honey boo boo last night?! sugar bear was trying to get some honey and he ended up buying the wrong candles, evidently june doesnt like lavendar she wants fruity stuff... (smfh)

    i haven't even thought about vday yet! like not a single thought put into this, but food and beer is an easy way to any mans heart!!

  5. That's my husband to a T! Beer, camo, food, & love. s.i.m.p.l.e. :) That gif just cracks me up! Poor Sugar Bear...

  6. I pretty much just give jose food or beer! if i get candy for him i wind up eating it all!!!

  7. Hahaha, I think that is pretty much any man (real man- not be confused with those metro pretty boys). My go to is beer, you can never go wrong with beer and beer eventually leads to sexy time (wink wink). Happy Friday!

  8. You nailed it, girl! My husband would love all of the above! :)


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