Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Few Things.

Dale Jr: Listen here buddy. You won the race finally..after multiple since 2004. I am super happy about this. I stalked my twitter feed and Nascar online all night since the race was rain delayed to see if you had won. You are now my home screen picture on my phone. You have made my twitter feed super happy by making a twitter account. (I apologize to all of my followers now but you will see a lot of Dale Jr. stuff.) You amazing ginger self really needs to meet me. How about at the Richmond race? A little scared? Don't be. Casey Mears met me and hes still doing great! I even got to ask him multiple questions! Give it a shot! The worst I will do is hug you, take a picture with you and sniff you because I know you smell delicious. 

 Chris: Your my world and my love for Dale Jr. will never come between us.

Snow: GO THE EFF AWAY. Seriously. So over the snow. It is snowing right now!

Spring: Please visit.

Store: I am so happy I opened Country Couture. It is doing great. If you go to the site, there is a 5% coupon code just for liking the facebook page! I am constantly getting new things in so make sure you check it out.

I have a ton of stuff going on but right now I am too tired to think of any of it. I have had family in since Sunday and I am exhausted! Happy Hump Day! 


  1. I am so excited that your store is doing so well. You know I support you 100% & I wish you the best of luck. Haha I knew you would comment about Jr at some point. lol

  2. So glad your store is doin well! Looks like you've been getting in some super cute stuff!! I won't tell you about the weather here cause you might get mad at me...but for the record, I was sweating at the spring training game this week ;)

  3. I was so happy that Junior won, if Gordon couldn't, I wanted Junior to! So glad race season is back!


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