Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nascar is Almost Back!

It is almost that time again. Time to smell burning rubber on the tracks, see cars speeding by at almost 200 mph, tailgating all day long, eating bad food and getting sun burnt. I am so excited for Nascar season to be back in action. They are already testing down at Daytona and you can bet I have been stalking my favorite drivers on Twitter. Unfortunately Dale Jr. does not have a twitter..shame on your Dale.


Every year I go to the spring and fall race in Richmond at the Richmond International Raceway. It is a complete blast! I tailgate all day long, drink, eat food, try to stalk Dale Jr. and Casey Mears. Meet whatever drivers I can and score a ton of free swag. Seriously...they give a ton of stuff away at the races and you can enter to win a ton of stuff. It is free to tailgate and go inside the venue. You only have to pay to go to the race. Not bad if I do say so myself. 

I don't do the whole football or baseball deal at all. I am all about some Nascar. I love it. I grew up watching it and I am a huge fan. I have even applied to work for them but they must of lost my application because they never called, silly Nascar! But me are missing out. 

I honestly love watching the race though. I can sit down at my house and watch an entire race and not be bored. I will yell at the tv and really get into it. Most girls are not into but my dad taught me about Nascar and really got me to love the sport. Do not say it is not a sport. Any one that has the guts to get into a car and drive that fast has more guts and balls that any other athlete to me. 

If you are a blogger or reader and will be at the Richmond Race, let me know! I would love to meet up with you! 


  1. Wow, I'm surprised Dale Jr. doesn't have twitter! He was my fav (obvi) back when I watched. Although I liked Dale Jarrett & Mark Martin too. Oldies but goodies. =)

  2. You and my family would SO get along. I was raised on some nascar!

  3. haha oh I am so not surprised that you wrote this post. I am however surprised that you do not have a linkup on mondays that cover nascar lol

  4. Part of me wants to get into nascar just so I can talk about it with you ;)


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