Monday, January 6, 2014

Holiday Weight

Over the holidays we all gain weight and I have. I have not stepped on the scale yet but I can tell that I did gain some extra pounds. My pants are tighter, my shirts do not feel the same. I am not happy with how I look. I need to lose some weight. I ate really bad over the holidays and no one is to blame but my self.

Now I can say I am gonna run, diet and all those fun things but I would be lying to my self and you. I am gonna eat better, not diet. I am gonna try to walk more. I am not going to kill myself but I do want to lose the couple pounds I put on over the holidays. I do not want to be super skinny. I was happy with my weight before and that is where I want to be again. I am sure it is only 5-7 lbs but that can really make a difference in your clothes and how you look.

Now here is what I plan to do:

No more bad food or junk. I am not baking anymore! I made so much junk that I am not baking anymore for awhile. If I is only healthy stuff. I am also cutting out soda. I have done this a few times before and started again. It is super easy and I know I can do it. I am also walking again and working back up to running so I can get back into my 5k's. I am not eating out anymore. I am only going to bring food from home for work.

This is how I am going to start..and go from there. After this, if I lose some weight, I may go a little farther as I want to get in shape some more before we start trying for a baby.

What tips or tricks are you doing to lose your holiday weight?


  1. this is such a smart plan!! I spent years starting on diets and just falling right off the bandwagon. then I just gave up on diets and started eating better slowly but surely, it works like a charm!

  2. I've been a member of weight watchers for 4 years, and that is their mantra... that dieting doesn't do anything for you for the long run. Smart plan, girl! You got this. =)

  3. So true!! I have extra weight from before the holidays. bad girl!
    Agree, it's simple, eat less junk, excercise more. Good goals to get moving.
    I also heard that drinking warm water with a dash of lemon juice first thing in the morning helps.
    I am trying to cut down on frying food, adding sugar or salt to food and eating less "processed and ready made" food

    Good luck!!

  4. You can do it! This is a great start, and I'll know you'll BE great! :) Keep it up! I, too, am aiming to lose the holiday weight...and myfitnesspal app is my BFF for this. It's so amazing to just be aware of how many calories you're consuming!

  5. I started Weight Watchers! I am almost a week though & I love it!! It makes me realize how unhealthy i was eating, and when i do eat healthy I am not hungry all the time!!

  6. i was probably the worst ive ever been over the holidays, but i have to say it was fun!

  7. mines post wedding depression weight haha I haven't been motivated to do anything let alone go to a gym full of people. But today that all changed!


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