Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Facts About Me

We all have confessions and stuff we typically don't tell people or bring up in a normal conversation. These may not even really be confessions, just random things about me. So these are mine:

1. I can't swim. Well not really. I can doggy paddle and  can swim enough to say my life. 

2. I love ketchup on green beans. Don't judge me people until you try it. It is so good. 

3. I have a routine every morning I have to do. If I don't..I turn into a demon spawn for the rest of the day. Shower, brush my teeth, contacts, make up, hair, clothes. Do not come to my house and come in the bathroom in the morning or you will see all that is Rachel. 

4. I only drive Fords...up until I rear ended my husbands truck. Now I want a Jeep Patriot. MAKE IT HAPPEN JEEP!!!Unless Ford wants to give me a SUV...MAKE IT HAPPEN FORD!

5. I was in band from 6th grade until I graduated high school....whoever can guess what I played may get a special prize! I will draw a random number later...I will be fair and CHELSEE can't play! 

6. I couldn't cook until I got married. My mother in law taught me and so did Chris. Now, step into my kitchen and feel my wrath!

7. I have been coloring my hair since I was in 6th grade. No idea what color it should be. 

8. I am slightly obsessed with Miranda Lambert. 

9. My favorite color is blue! 

10. I am the youngest of 3 kids. 

11. I went to a christian school as a kid. 

12. I am a couponer. My last trip I saved $50.00 with just coupons. 

13. I already have my children's name picked out...I am not even pregnant yet. 

14. I watch Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman every night with Chris. We love that show and Sully is kind of a hunk. 

15. I have never left the East Coast except to go to Jamaica. I have been from Maine to Florida..but not West at all!!

What are some facts about you?


  1. The Ford Explorers are super nice! My coworker has one and I rode with her a couple weeks back to a work party! Sooo spacious! You need to get one of those to tote your future kids around in!! Also, I have all my girl names picked out too and I'm not even married! ha

    I'm guessing you played trumpet or french horn? Something like that! And you are going to have to teach me your couponing ways! This future poor grad school nursing student is going to need to save all that she can!! Dr. Quinn is awesome! I use to watch her show too!!

  2. I'm going to guess drums!!

    I need to use coupons more, please spill your couponing secrets in a blog post!

  3. I never even want kids and I have their names picked out! I think that is normal, maybe not :)

  4. YAY BAND GEEKS! And I can't swim worth a crap either!

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  6. Replies
    1. Oh and share with me your wisdom about couponing!

  7. You can't swim?? We'll fix that when you come visit me in AZ ;) You've never left the east coast and I've never been to the east coast...

  8. I already have my kids names picked out too and idk if I even want kids! haha and hmm, I guess flute


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