Life As Rachel: October 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Losing Someone You Love

I remember the call...I remember every detail about it. I was told my nephew was shot. I had hope that he was okay. Then I got another call. He was dead...from a gunshot wound. Do you know what it feels like to have your heart ripped from your chest? To be told one of the people in your life the means the most to you is gone. That hole is still there and will never be filled again. I do not have kids. I now do not want kids. My nephew was like my son. He was an amazing kid. 

He was a ball of energy. Always trying to see what he could get into. Starting something with his little sister. Farting on someone. Pushing the limit with you. He loved skrillex and was trying to make music on the computer. He was in band in middle school and played the drums. Video games was his passion. HE LOVED VIDEO GAMES. This kid was not perfect but he was to me! 

He was the ring bearer in my wedding. We carved pumpkins together. Put up the Christmas tree. I told him bad words that I shouldn't have and would give anything to hear them right now. I would give anything to cook this kid a steak. He loved steak and asked for it every time he came over to my house. I have so many fond memories with him that I will have to cherish as I can not make any new ones.  All I have is almost 13 years of his life. 

He will never get to get married, date a girl, or experience his life. He is gone. He was ripped from this world by a gun. By so much stupidity.   

Love your family..hug them. Do not let the little things bug you. You never know how long you have left with them. I wish I could go back and hug him one more time. I just want to hold him and hug him and tell him I love him. I can't. He was taken from me and all I have now are memories and pictures. 

Now on Friday I have to go say good bye to him. I will never see him again, hear his laugh or see his precious face! He was an angel and did not deserve what happened to him. I will never get to spend time with him or hug him. I would give anything to have him back and hug him one more time and tell him I love him! 

Dax Ian Dixon
12-18-2000 to 10-26-2013

Please Help by Donating

I do not normally ask for help but I am this time. My nephew was killed over the weekend by a fatal gunshot wound. If you could please help by donating to the funeral cost, it would be amazing. He was a wonderful 12 year old boy. I would give anything to have him back. I can not put into words how much I love this kid and how much the world is going to be missing him. My heart has been ripped from chest.

Please help my family by donating below. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cold Weather

For some reason Fall was here for about a week and winter/cold weather is here. It is so cold here. I can not take it. It is 36 degrees. There is no need for this nonsense. So..with that I leave you with this. 

It's SO cold out that the politicians have their hands in their OWN pockets !

#Funny ecard #message: It's so cold out that I saw a teenager with his pants pulled up.

It's so cold out!

Funny Seasonal Ecard: I'm pretty sure I just keyed my neighbor's car with my nipples.

I will be spending my weekend in Amish Country this I bid you ado! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Store Fun!

Hey there! I haven't done one of these in awhile so I figured today was a great day! 

I have these lovely infinity scarfs on pre-order. They will be here the beginning of the next week. You can order them now and guarantee that you get them before any one else. There is only one left in the teal from customers buying it last night so make sure you grab the one you want quickly!!! I will re-order them if the sell out! The colors are teal, red, rose, rust and brown. They are only $16.50.

I also am starting to have limited stock in a few pieces. Larges sell the quickest so if you see a large in something and that is your size, make sure you order it when you see it before it sells!

There is only one left in the Morgan Maxi and it is a small! It is only $25.50!

There is also only one left in the Madison Chevron Maxi in this color. It is on sale for $20.50. It is a large! 

I have a ton of product on the site so go check it out! Make sure you follow our instagram and twitter  for special sales. Go like our facebook as well!! 

To shop either click the logo for the store above or click here

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bra Problems

Okay most girls do not like to talk about this...but I just do not care. Let's put it all out there.

I AM A 38DD. 

I said it. Whew..felt good. Now..I am not a big person by any means. I just have HUGE BOOBS. Like big. My issue that has brought this post on is that I hate buying new bras. I had to wear a new one today. I prefer to wear the ones that are comfy and about to fall about than deal with trying to find a new one. It makes me wanna break down. It is like buying new jeans.


My reasons. 

A. They do not make cute bras for women/girls with big boobs. 
B. If you have a large chest but are not a larger women/girl, this is extremely hard. I can not buy stuff at stores like Lane Bryant. Everything is too big. Stores like Victoria Secret..stuff is to small. See what is going on here? 
C. Padding...what is that for? I mean really? Why would a 38DD need padding?

I could possibly wear a medium shirt if it wasn't for my over sized chest. INSANE. Just to go running I have to wear a regular bra with under wire and a sports bra. I mean, who has to do that? When Mother Nature made me she had to be on her period. 

The irony of it is when women with a smaller chest say they want this. NO..YOU DO NOT. I can not buy swim suits easily. I can wear a bikini. Do you know what I have to pay to get it? Oh Victoria get me every year you fickle lady. I know your rip me off due to my over large chest. I have to buy so much stuff larger than needed just because of this. Can someone please make a clothing line just for girls my size..please? 


If you can not tell...I am writing this post as being frustrated this morning. I had to put on a new bra that I hate. It is in fact bothering me right now. As I type this. It is not even a cute one. Because girls with big boobs can not buy cute bras. Go check out the 38DD section at Victoria Secrets, Kohls, Jcpenney, Target, or even Walmart. NOTHING CUTE FOR MY SIZE. 


So, if you know a solution, let me know! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I ran another 5K on Friday night. It was a glow run. I feel like I did okay. My time was the same as the last 5K. I want to get better at these and maybe one day even place in them. I even ran another 3 miles on Sunday.I have went from not running at all to running 9 miles in one month. For some that is nothing but for me that is a lot. That is a huge accomplishment. 

I am already signed up for a 6k in Richmond in December. It is a glow run/tacky Christmas light thing. A few bloggers are going to be there as well as some co workers and friends so it is going to be a blast. I am going to run it out though and get the best time I can. 

I haven't weighed my self and I am not going to. I am not going to focus on a number. I am just going to let my clothes speak for their selves. I did not run last night as my legs were SUPER SORE but I am gonna run tonight. So..cheers to that. Let's hope I stay with this and lose some of my jiggle! 

If you live in Central VA and know of any good runs coming up, let me know!

Monday, October 21, 2013

SodaSteam Review

*I received the following product(s) in exchange for my honest review. Al opinions stated are my own. *

By now you have heard of SodaStream or seen the commercials on TV. I have always wanted to try it but was wondering how it tasted or if it was actually worth it.

When the lovely people at SodaStream sent this delicious package to my house, I was stunned. They sent so many goodies that it has taken us forever to try them all! 

Now I know you may think who needs a soda making machine at their house? Well....I do! I love root beer and ginger ale. My husband is a huge energy nut. They have all of these. My husband even fell so much in love with their energy drink that I had to go buy more of the flavor at Target and I found it on clearance. I even bought more of the SodaStream bottles because we make so much of the flavors. The energy drink taste just like redbull and you save so much money by buying this. You are not having to to purchase soda and juice as frequent and you are reducing waste. 

Look at how simple it is to use! 

The steps are so easy!

  1. Fill the One liter bottle with cold water to the fill line.
  2. Attach the SodaStream bottle the machine. (It easily goes on)
  3. Carbonating the Soda – Press and release the button on top of the SodaStream machine quickly until you hear three loud buzzes.  This took me a try or two to understand but my husband got it right away!
  4. Measure a cap full of your favorite flavor, and pour into the liter bottle slowly (tilt the bottle for best results while doing this step)
  5. Place the SodaStream cap onto the bottle, and shake gently.
  6. Enjoy!

Now when you run out of the the carbonation all you have to do is take the empty canister to a store like Target, Walmart, or even Bed Bath and Beyond and they exchange it for a small fee. You do not have to buy a new one. The other great thing about Soda Stream is with us, we love to recycle and with us, there is less recycle since we are only using one bottle and no cans! 

Now soda stream is Eco-Friendly. Every time a Soda Stream user uses their Soda Stream soda maker instead of purchasing soda from a store, they are reducing their CO2 footprint! 

You can purchase your own SodaStream at a variety of retailers like Target, Kohls, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond or just go here

A big thanks to SodaStream for this opportunity! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Glow Run and Support

First I want to thank everyone from yesterday's post. I got so much support and love. You guys are amazing and I can never express in words how much it meant to get all of the positive feedback. Thank you! 

Thank You!

Now tonight I am running another 5k. It is a glow run. I am going to freeze my butt off. I am running it with 4 other people I know. This is a bit nuts to be running at night around here as it is super cold but oh well. I am really enjoying running and so glad that I started it. I get to wear my new running shoes that are bright freaking pink. I do have to stop and get some running pants as all I have is shorts. I do not want to freeze my bum off.

The Glow Run - A fun 5K that combines running with top 40 dance music

Also I have fallen in love with Miley Cyrus' new cd. Please someone send it to me. I love it...very much so. I can't not stop listening to it on repeat on spotify. I have also become a huge fan of snapchat thanks to Kelsey. If you snapchat..send me your name, I will bug you all day long! 

If you haven't checked out my store, go do that! Country Couture..just click that name right there. I have a huge clearance sale and mark stuff down all the time! I love my customers so I randomly send out special coupons to people as well that send me tons of love! 

Well that is all I got so I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Being Mean

Lately I have not been wanting to blog. I have honestly wanted to give this thing and just focus on the store and my life. I feel like I have lost my inspiration for my blog. I don't have topics anymore that I want to blog about and some days it takes me forever to just type stuff out. It mostly has to do with the negativity in this "blog world". I have a group of "friends" that I talk to and I love them dearly. I have a little through big and littles and I am loving getting to know her. There is still negativity there. 

Typically I shrug off all the mean stuff that comes through my blog, twitter, facebook or IG. I am just tired of it. Leaving nasty comments on my store account or someone else's accounts is not okay. What does that do for you? It makes you look sad and pathetic. Leaving anonymous comments on our blogs, still not okay. We read them, delete them and no one else sees' it but us. It still hurts all the same. I hide it and do not let other people know about it. Why do it in the first place.

The biggest pet peeve of mine is ignoring me. If I tweet you, you could answer me. What does a few words take out of your day? The blogging world has turned into the biggest Mean Girl game ever. There is no need for this. It is a HUGE WORLD. We do not need to be high school girls and make snide remarks on gomi, facebook, or even direct message our friends about other bloggers. It is rude. I do not talk about other bloggers. I try to find the good in every one. So should you. When you make comments about people, maybe you should think about what they have going on in their real life, outside of the computer screen. This is their escape. Do not judge someone from what they blog about. It is their outlet. Do not be a bully. 

If you do not want to be judged, talked about, or bullied, stop doing it to others. Everyone has had it done to them in their life and they know how it feels. It is not a nice feeling. It hurts inside and out. Just learn to be nice to each other and stop being so mean to everyone. If you do not like a blog, stop reading it. Do not read it and then talk to someone about how bad it is or how you did not like what they wrote. Just move on! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dancing In The Car

Last night while driving home from work, ole Miley and a few other songs I love came on the radio and I proceeded to dance and act like a complete idiot. Luckily I was on my road which is in the middle of no where so no one was able to see me. 

Dancing in the car!

Now I was singing at the top of my lungs, dancing and had the windows down. I am pretty sure everyone on my road thinks I am a nut case but who really cares what they think? 

I had a blast and that is all that matters. Now..I have come to realize that while driving home in the car in the evenings is my time to de-stress and while I was singing/yelling Wrecking Ball at the top of my lungs I was getting out all of my frustrations from the day. I work all day, get stressed out, go home and work some more. I feel like all people ever do is work, work and work. I work a full time job, run the store and my husband has his own business as well. We are super busy people. We never take time to just relax. My drive home is my only time to my self. 

My point....let things go and enjoy life. That is what I am going to start doing. No more stressing out over little things. I am going to just enjoy life and not get upset over little things. 

So today..if you pass me while I am driving..if you stare at me dancing and can a) stare at me or b) join in! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Mornings!

Today feels like a Monday to me. I am staving already even though I had breakfast. I could literally eat a house right now and I just want to go back to bed. 

I figured today I could show you my mornings! The alarm clock sound drives me insane. The dogs stare me down. Itsy likes to play hide and seek. So lets give you a peak into how I start my day...

1. Listen to the alarm go off until Chris tells me to turn it off.

2. Let the dog outs. Typically this ends with me chasing Itsy through the yard since she likes to wander off. Sometimes I step in little presents the dogs have left me (we live on 60 acres and they love to go right in front of the house)

3. Finally get a shower and do my make up and hair. This is about a 40 minute process. Don't judge me. I like to look semi good every day and this is as good as it will get. I blow dry and straighten my hair every day. I wish I didn't have to but I am OCD about it.


4. Time to get dressed which is a whole process. I have to dress professional for work. I want to look nice but not look like an old grandma. Which normally this just makes me upset. Boobs are too big and I feel fat by the time it is done. 

5. After being stared at by the dogs for the last hour, it is now time for their breakfast and mine. 

6. I then make my lovely hour long journey to work where I hate every other care driver due to the fact that they can not drive. I wish I had a tank and could run them off the road. Seriously...people can not drive on 29. 

7. I then get to walk 15 minutes from the parking garage to my office. Seriously..who would even make up this stuff? Rain, snow, hot or cold I get to walk. YAY ME! 

Then..I work..and go home just to do it all over again. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

1 Year Blogging Giveaway

I have been blogging for an entire year everyone!! WOOT!! My blog did not start off like this but for sure is going in a direction I love! I am super excited and this is my first big giveaway ever!! I have enlisted these amazing ladies and we have a huge giveaway to give you. 

You can win ad space on 7 different blogs, a $10 Target Gift Card, $20 Gift Card to Country Couture, $20 Gift Card to spend on Origami Owl, and an at home spa party for (for central VA residents) and a BeautiControl Pedicure Spa. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway