Life As Rachel: September 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Why I Did It

I have been asked by family and friends why I started Country Couture.  It has been open for a few months now and the main reason was I got tired of over priced clothes at other shops. I got tired of not being able to fit in clothes, not getting responses and not knowing how something fit. I wanted to be able to open a shop that was priced fairly, that everyone could shop at and that everyone could relate to with out the hassle. I know that is more that one reason but that is why I did this.

I love hearing from customers whether it is good or bad. I need to know what I can improve on. If the quality of something was not up to your standard, tell me! I love seeing pictures of everyone in their clothes! I love the smiles! I also love giving discounts. I am hear to make a profit but I am not here to rip anyone off. If a customer wants to see how something fits, I will put it on for them. If they wanna know the length, is it see through, or any questions about a item I will answer it. Tweet me, dm me, email me. Anything..I will answer you. I am constantly on my phone and computer ready and waiting to help anyone out! 

My big dream is to own my own storefront shop one day but that is going to take a long time. There are a ton of other stores online and other storefronts that I have to compete with. I do this in my spare time. When I am not at my full time job I am at home doing stuff for the store. Before work I get orders ready, after work I get orders ready. I work on the site all the time. I love this and would not trade it for anything! 

I know you may not care about this but I had to share it. If it wasn't for my amazing customers I have, some from South Africa others from here in the U.S., I could not be doing this! 

I love you guys! 

Weekend Shenanigans!

Sami's Shenanigans

And I am back!!! I had a wonderful weekend. I am laxing on the pictures so sorry for that one! I enjoyed my weekend more and decided to not take a ton of pictures. I also got a new iphone so I struggled with learning it. 

Here is what I do have! 

I went and saw Blake Shelton, Easton Corbin and Jana Kramer on Thursday evening! The show was amazing! Here are a few pictures from it! 

I did not work Friday and on Saturday I ran a 5k color run. I avoided the color at the end because I had a hour drive back home and really really did not want that in my car. I only got the color on me during the race. I finished in a little under 50 minutes. I am proud of my self because I did not train at all for this and I feel like I got a good time for myself. I ran this with a friend and we finished together! I wanna do a few more so I gotta get training. I am super sore though and my legs gave out the night of the race after sleeping so.....not good!

This little girl kept me company which was awesome! She loves her mama! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Country Couture Review

Hey everyone! Today the lovely Samantha at Hooah and Hiccups is doing a review of Country Couture. She is super sweet and I love the way she paired this dress! She even has a giveaway going on so go check her out and make sure to enter the giveaway!!! 

Party Tonight!

Tonight I will be dancing 3rd row at the Blake Shelton concert. I am not the best dancer but I am a mean flat footer!  I am still trying to find a way to sneak back stages with hot pants Shelton. 

I will have my cowboy boots on. I can not sneak in any booze as they do boot checks here though. Be is making its way around the country...sneaky boot checks! 

And I will not be at work tomorrow due to fireball whiskey and all the dancing that is going to be had.  I act like a complete fool at concerts and I have no problem admitting it. 

So....I shall see you next week. 

(I need a guest post for tomorrow..if you want to do it..comment below and I will e-mail you. It can be about ANYTHING)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Country Couture Review

Hey ladies! Today you need to go visit Veronica at Passion, Pink, & Pearls! She did an amazing review of the store and words can not even began to describe it! There is even a discount code on there! So make sure you stop by there and check it out today!!! 

Southern Beauty Guide Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies!

Today starts the September Sponsors Giveaway on Southern Beauty Guide! We have some amazing prizes up for grabs, so make sure that you enter to win! Make sure you enter! These are some great prizes! I would enter know I can't!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This N That

Look who decided to show up today!

I have a headache today. So I am not up to much.

I am more up to sitting back and relaxing but we can not all do that. Things that did happen yesterday...I wrote a mean post about ATT. I talked to Becca at ATT and was told that due to the fact that I can not get ANY coverage at my house I they are letting me out of my contract. 
I know..I was a little shocked as well but now I am able to get with a cell provider that offers coverage in my area. NOW I have had ATT since I was 18 and they were wonderful. They do offer great phones and great service...just for me, where I live it sucks! 

I also have a Color Run on you think I have trained...AT ALL? Nope.

I have the Blake Shelton concert on Thursday evening. I plan to drink to much, dance like a fool and sneak back stage. It would be pretty awesome to drink with him. Just one shot is all I ask. Please country music gods, make this happen.

I also need a guest poster for Friday..any takers? 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Things You Need!

Okay, time for a normal post today after my vent session. I figured I would go with things every girl must have/know. Being that I am now 26, I feel like I am wise in this...well sort of. 

1. A good pair of shoes. I love my fall boots. There is nothing better and they make you look amazing! Check out my post last year on them. I love them and have no idea what I would do without them! 

2. A good friend. You have to a have a good friend that you can rely on in good times and bad times. You need this gal pal to gossip with, go shopping with and she need to be there for you and you need to be there for her.

3. A good bra. This is obvious. 

4. A good pair of jeans that make you look fabulous! I had a pair I loved and I wore them out. It is very hard to replace these. I try to always find some like it and can never find any. 

5. A good relationship with your mom. You may think you hate her growing up but when you are my age, she can be your best friend.

6. A good purse. They may cost a little bit more than you are willingly to pay but they last longer and are worth the money. I prefer Coach. They last a long time and are worth every dime! 

7. A hobby. I never had one until recently. Now I have to many due to not having one. I have the store, the blog, and I love DIY projects. A good hobby is the best. You stay busy and have fun doing things. 

8. Yourself. You need to be able to depend on your self. Do not lean on others and expect them to do things for you. You need to make your self happy first before you can make others happy. 

What do you think a every girl should have? 

Cell Phone Frustration

I am very very very very mad right now. ATT is pushing me over the edge. We get no service at home on our cell phones. We have to keep our cell phones in one spot in the house to even get calls and IF we are lucky we MAY get them. This morning I called ATT about this problem and was told there is nothing they can do about this due to where we live. We could get this micro cell for $199.00 but we have to have cable internet which can not get. See a problem forming here? I expected they would let me out the contract, give me some swag, something people! NOPE, NADA! The girl on phone was not help...none. Just wanted to say sorry, I am sorry, there is nothing I can do.

Now Verizon has full coverage in my area. You may think I would have gotten them to start off with but I have had ATT since I was 18 years old. I am a very dedicated person but when you tell me that there is nothing you can do and all you can say is sorry?? I may show up at an ATT store and start throwing my cell phone. 

I pay around $200.00 a month for 2 cell phones that I can not use at my house. I can only use them if I get on my wifi at home. I have a laptop for that. If I wanted a tablet, I would buy one. I do not need a tablet. I have a nook and a laptop. For a company that claims to have hardly any dropped calls and their great customer service, they do not do anything to help their customers out. Now...the easiest solution would be to just cancel my contract BUT OH WAIT they have huge cancellation fees on me. ATT is like this little army of cell phone police. You can not get away from them. You can not get any help. So if you have them..good luck. They hate me...will not help me. So I plan on taking my phone and throwing it at someone if I do not get any help soon...BE WARNED ATT. 

I changed the last gif due to multiple reasons! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

And shes back!

I got my car back yesterday and was majorly impressed with how wonderful she looked!!! The even cleaned her inside and out. They must have known I do not do that and felt bad for the car! I am happy to have it back even after my whining to trade it in. 

I am also debating on switching from ATT to Sprint but I am stuck in that ole contract thing. Does anyone know if they buy them out?? ANYONE? I would love to get a new phone and all but ATT has me on lock down. We can not use our phones at our house. We have to stand in one spot to get cell service. I am getting so frustrated and then people come over and use Sprint and they are good to go! 


When I did drive by the ATT place on the way to work this morning, there was a line outside of it. The store does not open until 10:00 a.m. It looked something like this.

Now I know everyone wants the new IPhone but people you could have pre-ordered it or ordered it today and it would have said you time in these crazy lines!

Also this weekend I have no plans. NONE. This is rare for me. We normally have a ton of things to do. I like this but I fore see a ton of cleaning. So to keep my from cleaning, please buy stuff from the store so I can spend the weekend packing up orders. That would make me happy. 

Next weekend I am running a 5K which I have yet to prepare for so this may be last pre weekend post.....pray for me. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sad sad day

Today I have to turn in my rental car. Depression is setting in. 

I get my Ford Fusion back today as well. 

I am glad honestly to have my car back but I love my rental and would rather have it..HINT HINT JEEP! 

A week from today I will be seeing the ever so amazing Blake Shelton in concert. I am 3rd row which makes me happy. If you are from the area and will be at the concert, I apologize ahead of time of anything you may see if I make the big screen there. JUST A WARNING! (ex. flatfooting, crazy dancing, all beer induced) If you know how to get me backstage, hook it up. I would love to interview him, hug him, smell him. Anything would work for me. 

So this is all I got today so here is so music to get you through the day! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Be Aware.

I do not normally post serious stuff on here but this morning I saw this video about stuff that has been happening around here.


This girl, Alexis Murphy, is from the area I live and has been missing since August 3rd. They have arrested a man named Randy Taylor for her disappearance. He is also connected to another girl missing from our area named Samantha Clarke. He was never arrested or charged with her disappearance. He accused the cops of harassment and they left him be. Her case has just fallen aside. 

In 2009 in the fall we had another girl go missing from John Paul Jones Arena, Morgan Harrington. I was at the same concert she was at, the Metallica concert. Metallica is even offering a reward up for the arrest of her killer. Her body was found on a farm near there months later by a hunter. Her parents are grieving every day. 

All three of these girls have been missing and known of their cases have been solved. They have little to no information on them. I just want to make people aware that this can happen anywhere. I am scared to walk to my job every day due to this. I carry pepper spray with me due to this. I am constantly looking around. I keep my doors locked. Make sure you always say I love you.  

These girls deserve justice. 

You can help by going to 
Become aware of what is going on around you! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Whats Going on at: Country Couture

Hey guys my store has been open about 4 months now and I want to thank everyone for their support. I wanted to give you an update if you have not been on the site lately! Here are a few things I have in stock!

The Chevron Button Top is $31.50. I only have a few of these left. 

The Emily Dress is $34.00 I have this in S, M, and L still. 

The Hadley Maxi is $31.50. I have S, M, and L and it also has a small slit up the side as well. 

I still have a few of the Madison Chevron in blue. Get yours before they are gone. They are on sale for $20.50. It also comes in coral. 

The Jade Mullet dress is a plus size option. It comes in 1x, 2x and 3x. It is very pretty. It is only $36.00. It would look great with a cardigan. 

This is the Simply Sassy Maxi. It comes in S, M, or L. It is a 2 tone chevron print. It is $38.00. It is a softer farbic.

The Pippa Dress is one of my favorites. I only have a few left! It is going to be seen very soon on a blog as well! Get yours before it is gone!! It is $31.50!

If you want to purchase anything, go to the stores site Country Couture or type in

Once again, thank you for making my dreams come true!