Life As Rachel: July 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5 Things I am Loving!

I have not done a 5 things I am loving in a long time so I thought I was due. it goes.


The It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Lite. The stuff is amazing. I used to use the regular It's a 10 but with having thin hair the salon suggested I switch to the lite. It really does make a difference on my hair. I can tell when I do not use it and since I flat iron my hair every day it helps keep it healthy.


Now..I know this is the Chi flat Iron. I do not own the actual Chi..I own the one that Sally's Beauty Supply sells. My husband broke mine so we went there and I bought this one. They said it was the Chi/just like it. Hey it works and was half the price. I love it and my hair is great.

3. Vacation is in about a week. I will be road tripping my butt on up to Maine in a car for 14 hours with my husband and 2 dogs. Dancing and complete chaos will happen. I hope my husband is prepared!

4. The store got a new logo. Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide designed it for me and I LOVE IT. She is doing a variety of blog designs now as well and is not very pricey! You should check her out!! 

5. I have new clothes coming in tomorrow! Check for a post on them. If you are not signed up yet, go to the site and sign up for the newsletter. I send out e-mails whenever I get new clothes in!! I also send out coupons in them as well specials on for subscribers! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Favor?

Hey I need all my blog lovers to go here and vote for me. Why? Well if I win by being picked either by the judges or with the most social media votes I get a pile of Vino-2-Go Swag. So..go here and to click the twitter button, facebook button or pin button. PLEASE!


Hey hey hey! It is that time again for BBMVP link up. Let me know what you think of the houseguest...who is going home..who will the BBMVP nom.etc etc. So link up with +Kelsey Homolka and I to let us know what you think! 

This week here are my lovely predictions: 

Aaryn-HOH did this happen? The witch is the HOH again. She seems to be nice right now but who knows how long this will last. She is playing by Helens rules and is being a puppet since she was spared by the vote last week. I still do not like her.
Howard-Nom 1
Howard is up only because of Amanda. She thinks/along with a few others that he is such a big threat. I think that he is a threat but he really is not as a big threat as Helen/Amanda and Mcrae. He is a wasted nomination in my eyes.
Spencer-Nom 2
Spencer is another cast mate that made some rude comments earlier on but has since stopped. He thinks he is smarter than he really is and is nominated due to being friends with Howard.
She is playing super hard and is a great player. I think she will be sent to Jury and will not win though due to playing the game so hard. She needs to slack up some.
I think Judd wasted his HOH a little bit by not getting rid of Aaryn and sending Kaitlyn out the door. He is starting a showmance with Jesse though. Atleast someone went for her finally.
Someone..send her home. She is playing like her sister and I am over her ass! Enough sad. She may be the MVP nom for the week.

Amanda-MVP VOTE?
I really hope America votes Amanda as the MVP vote. I am over her bullying the other house guest. She thinks she is amazing and knows everything. She really is making a huge target for her self. IF she is put up..I see her going over the other players.  She is even putting a target on Mcrae who came in with a good game plan.


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The Bachelorette: Finale Part 1

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Anyone interested in co-hosting next week email Chelsee!

Last Night on the Bachelorette...the world was shocked. The man everyone was rooting for... (spoilers coming so if you do not know..STOP NOW) decided to break America's Sweethearts heart (sorry for all the hearts) and told her she was not the one. Cue Brooks as the next Bachelor. Tears were had all over America. Des was for sure gonna pick this man. Now I understand he wanted to find out if he loved her or not but boy was playing with some emotions there. She is now left with Chris and Drew and pretty sure home girl is not feeling these guys as much as she was Brooks. I see no match making happening here. Cupid can not save this show. (She should of stuck with Ben..Just Saying). I believe that the last episode she is going to tell both boys she does not love them and she will be going back home to drink copious amounts of wine and cry in a pillow. 

Pretty sure this is Des today...she may be found rocking back and forth somewhere. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Post from Chelsee!

Hello Rachel’s Country Roots Readers!

Rachel is at home today with a massive migraine. Being the bloggy bff I am I got worried about her when it got 10:00am and I had not heard from her. So when she emailed me that she was home sick with a massive migraine, my heart went out to her. This is something that I go through a lot so I feel her pain. Anyways, I was thinking of how I could help her and realized that I could guest post for her today. By the way..this is Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide. Today I am bringing you a beauty related post that hopefully will provide some insight and tips into the world of eyeliner. Make sure that you all leave Rachel some love by commenting, I know that we all go through this at some point and it is rather awful.

What kind of eyeliner do you prefer? Does it come in a jar, pencil, or tube? Well for those that are adventurous when it comes to eyeliner you may use a little bit of it all. I know that when I began using eyeliner a few years ago I was personally more comfortable using eyeliner that comes in stick form. I just felt that it was easier to apply for a beginner, not saying that I still do not use it. I actually use my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil on my waterline daily. Then as the years passed I moved on to liquid liner. The issue with liquid is that if you make a mistake, it is not easy to fix, other than removing it. However, I was able to learn methods of how to apply eyeliner.

The thing that I must admit to you is that I do spend the most time on my eyeliner. I am a perfectionist when it comes to eyeliner. I know that you have probably noticed this if you follow me on instagram. I have always been highly obsessed with eyeliner, I just believe that using eyeliner can transform your whole look. I mean you can alter the entire way your eyes look. I know that I have quite large eyes so I tend to do a thick band of eyeliner, this is just what I have found over the years has worked best for me.

I am not perfect by any means. I fret over every aspect of my makeup on a daily basis. I even get super aggravated when my camera does not show all the time I spent trying to look perfect!?! Well I hope to goodness that I am not the only one that goes through this. I digress, the oddest thing happened about 2 years ago that has redefined my whole take on eyeliner. You see I was always pretty terrified of gel eyeliner. Warning, never use the applicator that comes with these. From my personal experience, they make you look like a complete train wreck.

Okay, maybe the picture is a little dramatic. However, I am sure that all of you have saw pictures of really bad eyeliner applications.The brushes/applicators are too large and just do not work the way we ever want them to. For a period of time I gave up on gel liner, I was so frustrated with it in general that I gave it up for about a year.

Specifically I had purchased the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black. So after my falling out with this product I returned to my trusty liquid liner. Well randomly, when I was going through my collection I rediscovered this product. I thought for sure that it would have dried up already and was ready to toss it. However, the truth is that it was still as creamy as day one, which shocked me to no end. Well I had purchased a few new brushes and decided that I should give it another try. Well I started applying it with my Sigma E65 Small Angle Brush. Since trying it with this applicator, I have been absolutely loving it.

The thing I love most is that if you make a mistake and create a bumpy line, you can straighten it out and correct it very easily. I am by no means perfect, but this method causes others to think my eyeliner is perfect. I highly recommend that you try these products. It may take you a few times to get the feel of it, but soon you will see that it is a much easier way of creating the perfect liner. I dip in the tip of my brush and swirl it around and then drag the brush along the rim so that it removed the extra product and makes the brush more compact. It literally only takes a small amount of product.

I have also been amazed at how well it stays on. I have super oily skin and often saw that my other liners would end up running down my face. However, when it comes to this gel liner, even living in South Georgia during the summer time, it stays put all day long. Just think when you master it you can do you own happy dance, but it will truly be an accomplishment. 


So if you are feeling adventurous then I recommend that you try this, just make sure that you use the correct brush. Tell me what is your eyeliner preference?

Thanks to Rachel for having me today!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Minor Breakdown

Yesterday I had a minor breakdown. I wanted to switch my blog design back to the one I had from Chelsea at Olive & Ivy Design. I liked my old design but I LOVED my feather design and was really wanting it back. I had all the coding and was like hey I can do this. If you payed any attention to twitter yesterday, you know the outcome...I could not do it. I went so far as having to put my blog on lock down as I messed it up so bad that stuff was showing up in random places, things were missing. It was bad.

I ranted on twitter a bit..but I have since deleted the tweets so I seem normal again. I was at the point of quitting blogging....I went over the deep end.  I was freaking out to Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide, Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries and to my in real life friend Jessica. I was about to drink my sorrows away. 

They talked me down and calmed me down. They made me realize I was freaking out and Chelsea would fix it and to chilllllll.  Then I got paranoid and thought I should chill and calm my ass down so I deleted the tweets and waited for Chelsea who fixed my mistakes in a matter of minutes. 


Lesson that is learned here folks...if you are not a not mess with things. Do not touch things, do not try and do any of this. LEAVE IT BE. You will freak out and act like a moron online

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fall Fun!

So a few people have blogged about this today and since this gal, right here, has no motivation today, this is what you are getting. 

5 months from will be Christmas. How can that be you ask? Well this year has flown by like no other. I am super excited. Like really really excited. It is not the gifts that have me all happy and butterflies in my belly. It is the decorations. I love me so decorations. I love decorating my house for fall and winter. My vacation is in 2 weeks and when I get back I plan on pulling out boxes of fall decorations and going to town. I will not put up the Christmas post yet..I will save you from that. But here are some things I can not wait for!

These bad boys were from my garden last year. The vines are up and lets keep our fingers crossed for some more this year! 

I made Pumpkin Pie for the first time last year and was super impressed with how well I did...I can not wait to make it....BUT I want a healthy version..any recipes? 

This was made by Christina at Carolina Charm. I love her blog and she is a very talented person. I am making this, this year. I have to try it. This is a top pin on pinterest and you can find it on her blog. 

Or when our County has the local Fall Festivals! I love everything about Fall and I am ready for Summer to be over!! 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shopping Addiction

Lets be honest. I have a shopping addiction. It is not with cheap things either. It is not that I am snob or anything like that, I just have certain things that I like. I typically do not shop in consignment shops for clothes. It is not that I do not wear second hand clothes, I am just a little paranoid about things and I am a bit obsessed with certain stores. 

Today...the Coach Outlet sent me a email with a HUGE CLEARANCE SALE. 


Now...I love me some Coach but I refuse to pay that high price for a bag. My cart was up to about $300.00 when my husband calls and ask what I am doing and I briefly mention something about Coach and he says NO.


He also mentions that we are going to Maine soon and that they have a outlet there and I can get stuff there or go to the outlet in Williamsburg here and get stuff. I then exit the screen. No sneaking stuff past that guy. I even tried to get him to steal pigs this morning that were in the road...he wouldn't even do that..psh. 

My shopping addiction goes way past this. I tend to go clothes shopping, alot. As you know I have my own clothing store and I have managed to only keep one thing from it. I LOVEEEE all my clothes in it but I want to sell them...not keep them all for my self. I have good will power there. When it comes to shopping for my self now...I have NO WILL POWER. I will spend money like it is growing on a tree in my back yard. Maurices loves me and thinks I am their best customer. They offered me a job last week since I am their so much. No joke. 

Now I can not go in Target really without my husband. I will buy stuff that is not needed. Like seriously. I will look at things that we do not have/need and be like "Oh lets get that" "That is so cute" and he will be like "Rachel we do not need that" get me everytime. We have not seen each other in months. I know it has been a long time and you miss me not worry. I will be back soon.

One day I may let you know how bad my closet/dresser have gotten but until then...toodaloo! 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hey hey hey! It is that time again for BBMVP link up. Let me know what you think of the houseguest...who is going home..who will the BBMVP nom.etc etc. So link up with +Kelsey Homolka and I to let us know what you think! 

This week here are my lovely predictions: 

 I am thrilled Judd is HOH. It seems he is doing his own thing and not letting Amanda bullying his noms. He is a country boy and actually seems to know the game fairly well. I think he also has a thing for Jesse.

Aaryn-Nom 1
Once again the witch is on the block. Just send her home already. What more do they have to do to get her out of there. I want her to see she has been fired and that people hate her.

Kaitlin-Nom 2
Her boy toy went home and was put on the block. Karma...she gets you. I think either way..I am fine with either nom going home.

Helen is a great player and was a great HOH. She deserves MVP next time is comes around over Elissa.

I am over the Elissa game. She is just annoying at this point and I think the rest of the house needs a fair chance to win.

Gina Marie-MVP to be booted off?
America is in control of the house MVP vote this week. I hope they vote Gina Maries since we can't put Aaryn or Katelyn. I am over this trainwreck crying everywhere and acting a fool. Also..can someone please send a speech therapist in the house for her?

Amanda would also be a good choice to go. She has been bullying people as to who to vote for and nominate. She also runs around half naked all day long and is kinda crazy. I mean come on chick...chill out. You are playing the game a little to hard. I also do not understand why a realtor like her is with pizza boy. Just saying!


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4. Come back to link-up your guess' and read what others think!

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