Life As Rachel: June 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things I am Looking Forward To!

This summer I have a bunch of things I am looking forward to. I have a ton of things planned and I am just ready to hit the ground running! 

1. Maine! I am so ready for August and vacation to get here!

2. In Maine I hopefully will get to see +Erin Lefebvre who runs She's A Big Star. She lives in Maine so I am hoping we can schedule a blate.

3. I have my first ever blate set up with +Beth Rowland from Arrow In The Eye next month! Watch out Fredericksburg! You have no idea what is coming!

4. My store, Country Couture, is taking off and I am so excited to see where it goes!

5. Losing weight! I am down a few pounds and I hoping to keep shedding them. I have cut out pasta and bread so lets keep that going. (I do cheat sometimes but hey who doesn't?)

6. Myself and +Kelsey Homolka from Keeping Up with Kesley have started a new link up on Tuesdays with Big Brother! I love that show and even tried out this past year! Make sure you link up and pick who you think is gonna get booted off, is the MVP and whatever else you want! We even have prizes!

7. My blog is starting to grow and I am hoping to grow more with it! It has really changed over the past few months and I love the way it is going. I am hoping that one day I can go to a blogger conference..lets see..maybe next year!!

Ok..enough for now! I am doing rambling on about things that are going on/gonna happen/making me happy. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Country Couture Update

Hey everyone! Just a update! The store is up and running! I wanted to show you something we have in stock. I am loving everything we have and wish I could keep it all!! It is all very cute!

The Zoey Maxi

The Morgan Maxi

Zig Zag Tunic

Feather Racerback

And I finally got a Plus Size Maxi in-Simply Beautiful! I love this one. 

If you order before Monday..use code JuneOpening13 for $5.00 off!!! I have so much more on the site! Go check it out! or click the button over on the right at the top!

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Giveaway Time :)

The wonderful +Michelle Lim has put together this great giveaway and I am totes jealous that I can not enter since I am in it!! There is so much stuff being given away! Check it out..enter! 

Amazon, Sephora, Starbucks, Ad Space, and more!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Odd Things About Me!

So today's post was gonna be all about Big Brother last night and how I am pumped about it and I loved the premier..etc etc. PUMP THE BRAKES. I got a message last night from a miss +Kelsey Homolka and I was told to not say a word as she had yet to watch it. So my lips are sealed until further notice. All I can say if they are missing out on since they do not have me in the house..bitches.

I decided today to post about things I do..some are things most girls/women probably don't/won't admit they do. I have no shame and I am very up front about everything I do. Others are just odd things.

1. I fart. Yep I said it. We all do it. I even do it in front of Chris (husband). Yes..he probably prefers I don't but if I didn't my head would explode. That is what I tell my self...and you all do it too! DO NOT LIE TO YOUR SELF.

2. I burp. Yep..see I am a real gem to be around. I do not go around doing these things 24/7 but when I gotta ..I gotta. 

3. I can't function without a shower..every day. If I do not get one..I am a big B.


4. I will not leave my house without makeup. Sorry. Not happening. See....I may burp and fart but I class it up some.

5. I do not watch any T.V. that is intelligent  Pretty Little Liars, Mob Wives, Big Brothers, Family Guy, American Dad...the list goes on and on. 

6. I refuse to wear the same thing twice without it being washed. Sorry..not doing that. It is gross..not even a sweater. I just can not do it. 

7. I do not eat onions, tomatoes  strawberries, blueberries..any berry for that matter. I am a texture kind of person. If you try to sneak any of this in my food..I will catch you no matter how small and it will be bad for you.


8. I used to love wearing sneakers but now you won't find them on me. It is rare....odd, I know. I have a ton of them but I do not like the way they make my feet feel. 

What odd things/gross things do you?

Northern Belle Diaries

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rheumatoid Arthritis:Life Script

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Rheumatoid Arthritis is a very serious disease. It is more common in women but men can get it to. I have been given the opportunity to write a post on this and it hits very close to home for me. My father has rheumatoid arthritis. I see him in pain every day of his life. His hands swell up, he walks with a limp, his legs, joints and muscles ache. He has to take medicine, tons of medicine to relieve his pain because he can not afford the medicine that can help him. This is not something you can prevent. This is not something you can stop. There is no cure. I am very scared that I may get this. My chances are higher.

You might ask your self what is RA? RA is a chronic inflammatory disease in which your immune system is mistakenly attacking your joint tissue and causing pain, stiffness and inflammation. If one hand or knee if typically affected, the other one becomes so as well.

There are a variety of treatments for RA. There are medications you can take that you can get prescribed for you. You can get nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs or antirheumatic drugs. They can reduce the pain and inflammation. My father takes some of these but from his experience...his is still in pain and still has horrible flare ups. His immune system is horrible and has other problems due to this. You can also get the shot. Enbrel is a big one that you can get and is pretty pricey but if your insurance covers it..consider yourself lucky.

Some other things that may help you live with RA is nutrition and exercise. A targeted diet and exercise can help reduce the joint inflammation. Before starting any of this, you should ask your doctor.

This is what a set of hands look like with RA. The one on the right is the really bad.

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    Big Brother Season 15 Link Up!

    My all time favorite show is about to come back on T.V. BIG BROTHER. This show is AMAZING. I have watched it since it first aired since I was in middle 6th grade. No lie. I even tried out this past season but as you can tell I was not casted since I am here in blog land and not in a totes amazing house with other crazy people trying to back stab each other already. I am not happy about this either..believe me. I WAS ROBBED I TELL YOU..ROBBED.

    Now I never miss a episode and if I do.. DVR is right there for me. I do not read spoilers if I can help it and I will not go on the sites and see who was evicted due to my need to wanting to watch the if you have watched it and I have not..DO NOT TELL ME WHAT HAS HAPPENED..I WILL BUST YOUR KNEE CAPS OPEN! 

    Now one of my best blog buds +Kelsey Homolka  over at Keeping Up With Kelsey has teamed up with me for the super awesome amazing link up. We are both nuts over this show and we should have been casted as a top secret alliance or something but CBS is being a turd. We have some fun things for the link up! 

    First...the rules...! 


    1. Follow the Hosts: Keeping Up With Kelsey & Rachel's Country Roots via GFC or Bloglovin'
    2. Grab the button from above and put it on your post about this weeks events.
    3. Write a little snippet on Tuesday's about your guess' for Wednesday's evictions and who the new MVP will be for the following week.
    4. Come back to link-up your guess' and read what others think!

    Grab button for NBD
    <div class="NBD-button" style="width: 200px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href=" " rel="nofollow"> <img src=" " alt="NBD" width="200" height="200" /> </a> </div>

    So basically....on Tuesdays link up about who you think is getting chucked out the door on Wednesday's live evictions and who will be the new MVP the next week. Remember..America votes on that one! The backstabbing is insane on this show so you never know what can happen! 

    Now the fun part! 

    First off, we're giving away FREE Ad Space to TWO people for linking up on the first week. Give us your feed back, who you like, who you voted for  in the MVP area, who you think should be evicted, what you think of the new casa. Give us the juice!

    Next off ....the Big Brother Blog MVP....they have a MVP in the game so we have one here as well! We are giving away a huge prize at the end of the season...see above..and all you have to do is link raffle-copter here folks. Kelsey and myself have donated items and the person that links up the most times wins the grand prize..but you must watch the cheating..we can tell. 

    Tune in tonight and get ready for the new link up series with myself and Kelsey! I will be live tweeting during the episodes sometimes so feel free to chat with me!!! 

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    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Bachelorette Pick of the Week

    Grab button for BPOTW 

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    1. Follow the Hosts: Southern Beauty GuideRachel's Country Roots via GFC or Bloglovin'
    2. Follow This week's Co-Host: Courtney
    3. Grab a button from above put it in your post.
    4. Write about your Bachelor Pick of the Week.
    5. Come back here and link up!!!

    Anyone interested in co-hosting next week email Chelsee!

    OMG...I am very boy Ben got the axe. I can no longer root for him to win. So I must choose another man! 

    So do to my man Ben getting the axe and having a great going away limo speech I am sticking with Juan Pablo another week because well..he is the cutest thing on there. The other guys are just big ole cheese balls. I mean come on...they could be on at this rate. 

    Juan Pablo

    Age: 31

    Occupation: Former Pro Soccer Player

    Hometown: Barquisimeto, Venezuela

    Height: 5'11"

    Shoe Size: 11.5
    Tattoos: 1
    Favorite Childhood Memory: Winning a youth soccer tournament
    Hot-Spot Club or Low-Key Bar: Hot spot, because that's where they play the danceable music.
    Favorite Book: Don't read

    Who is your pick for Des?

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    Monday, June 24, 2013

    Weekend Shenanigans!

    Sami's Shenanigans 

    Happy Monday everyone! I had a fabulous weekend! It was so nice here in Virginia and I loved every minute of it. We went to a party on Saturday evening at the river. We do not have a public pool here in little ole Madison so we have to rely on swimming holes, rivers and lakes unless you have a pool. 

    On the way to the party/swimming! I was a little excited! 

    Essentials of course!

    We had to drive through the field to get to the swimming hole and look what was staring us down! We even had to watch out for cow patties during said party! Fun times y'all, fun times! 

    Of course I had to bring my Vino-2-Go which I have lost since then. If found...let me know. The cows may be using it now!

    The hubs was loving the swimming..the cows are not able to get in the is fenced we were not swimming in anything nasty.

    Cornhole was had...of course.

    I recovered all day yesterday and went to lunch with family..which I took no pictures off. Blog fail but hey it was a great weekend for me! 

    I hope everyone has a great week!

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    Friday, June 21, 2013


    It is Friday yall!

    And I am so excited! I love my weekends....lurve them!! I am going to work in the yard finally. I need to plant some flowers and such and I am hoping to get my car cleaned because lets face it..I am thinking some dirt monster may be living in it. 

    The store is doing pretty can still order A TON OF CUTE THINGS so go now and you can use JuneOpening13 until the end of the month and get $5.00 off!! 

    My awesome Chelsee wrote a super sweet post about me today...go check that out..brought some tears to these eyes! We also have a big giveaway going on..check that out too! You can win a store credit to my shop!

    I am also starting a new link up with Kelsey next week about Big Brother. If you do not know yet I am a little nuts over that show and a little peeved I did not get casted this year. BIG BROTHER YOU ARE MISSING OUT. 

    I would be busting all kinds of moves like that out..yep...see missing out! 

    That is all I got today folks since my contact has decided to mess up and I need to go fix it!

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    Thursday, June 20, 2013

    Giveaway for June

    Hey everyone!! Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide has put together one heck of a amazing giveaway!!! I am particpating and giving away $20.00 shop credit to Country Couture. Make sure you enter..there is so much up for grabs!!! There are eleven of us in total!!

    Natalie: Blog // Facebook  -   Adriana: BlogLovin' // Blog  -   Bekah: Facebook // BlogLovin'
    Brittany: Twitter // BlogLovin'  -   Amy: Blog // Facebook  -   Erin:  Blog // BlogLovin'
    Leslie: BlogLovin' // Twitter  -   Allison: Facebook // Instagram  -   Rachel: Twitter // Instagram
    Jacquelyn: BlogLovin' // Twitter   -   Chelsee: Blog // BlogLovin'

    What's Up for Grabs:
    3 Months of Ad Space from Natalie
    AD Space from Adriana
    Ad Space from Bekah
    $5 in Paypal Cash from Brittany
    Ad Space from Amy
    Saturday Guest Post & Pair of Beer-Ings from Erin
    Gift card from Leslie
    Ad Space from Allison
    $20 Store Credit to Country Couture from Rachel
    $5 in Paypal Cash from Jacquelyn
    AD Space from Chelsee

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    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    Doggy Dilemma

    We are having a doggy dilemma. We are traveling to Maine in August for vacation and last year we only had one dog. Now we have two. The issue is should we take both dogs or board one. 

    I am not so sure about taking Itsy Bitsy because she is only 8 months old, doesn't listen as well as Zoey since she is still learning and the house we stay in is near the road. I would rather board her, than have her hit by a car. So....does this make me a bad owner for boarding my pup and taking the other?

    It doesn't cost must to board is about $20 a day and it is at our local vet so they know her and they are very nice to her. Of course I will call every day and bug them about her. I will cry when I drop her off..DO NOT JUDGE ME..this happens..I can not help it..she is my child. 

    So...I do not know what to do..I want to take her but I feel it is best to board her. Dang it. I need answers people! 

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    Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    Bachelorette Pick of The Week!

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    1. Follow the Hosts: Southern Beauty GuideRachel's Country Roots via GFC or Bloglovin'
    2. Follow This week's Co-Host: Jessica
    3. Grab a button from above put it in your post.
    4. Write about your Bachelor Pick of the Week.
    5. Come back here and link up!!!

    Hey guys! For my pick this week...I am all team Ben. As you have seen before and I am pretty sure he is gonna be the one to win but I figured I should change it up this week and showcase someone new! So I picked......Juan Pablo. He is pretty darn hunky and has a accent. He doesn't love that? He is about one of the only cute guys on the show bedsides Ben so I hope maybe he will beat out Ben since Ben is playing the bad guy...dang it. 

    Juan Pablo

    Age: 31
    Occupation: Former Pro Soccer Player
    Hometown: Barquisimeto, Venezuela
    Height: 5'11"
    Shoe Size: 11.5
    Tattoos: 1
    Favorite Childhood Memory: Winning a youth soccer tournament
    Hot-Spot Club or Low-Key Bar: Hot spot, because that's where they play the danceable music.
    Favorite Book: Don't read