Life As Rachel: April 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 Things About Me!

My girl Jessica over at Wonder What's Next tagged me in 5 Things Thursday last week and I have to share 5 things about my self...5 things you do not already know. Tricky tricky as I pretty open on this ole blog. Here we go!

1. I have a tattoo on my calf. It is pretty darn snazzy if you ask me and pretty honking big! It is of a moon blowing out "ghost music notes". There really isn't any meaning behind it. I just did it.

Sorry for the bad pic but I literally just took this and also if you are going to get a tattoo..Tanning beds and sun are bad for them which is why mine is faded!

2. I will not eat onions or tomatoes. I think they are gross and made by the devil. If you try to sneak them in my food, I will notice and will not eat the food. YOU CAN STILL SEE IT PEOPLE.

3. I am a craft-a-lohic. I used to not do any crafty projects but thanks to boredum and all my Real Life Besties living in different states..crafting has taken over my life.

4. I am a big Nascar fan. I have loved it since I was a child. I grew up going to dirt tracks with my family. No football or baseball for this girl! (I think yall know this but I couldn't think of anything)

5. I can not swim...I am a failure!

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Laura J. Designs Giveaway and Product Review

Hey everyone! I was given the opportunity to do a product review on some beautiful jewelry. It is made by Laura J. Designs . Each piece is handcrafted jewelry made out of metals and a beautiful assortment of semi-precious stones. 

Now if you browse her site, everything is just amazing. I love it all and I wish I could have it all. Here are the things that were sent to me. 

The first two pairs are earrings and the second is a necklace that matches the second set of earrings. Now I fell right in love with all of these pieces. They are so pretty and the quality of the work is beautiful. They take the time to make hand crafted, amazing jewelry that will last. Now if you want to know where to buy this great stuff click here

For the fun part...a giveaway! I am giving away a piece that was sent to me! The top pair of earrings! Just enter below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!

*I was compensated with products for this post but all reviews are 100% my own.*

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Monday, April 29, 2013


This weekend was a blast!! So much happened this past weekend and for it come to close is not fun! I am not working today though so hey girl hey! 

I went to the Nascar race on Saturday in Richmond. I got to interview Nascar Driver Casey on the lookout for that post! He is the driver of the #13 Geico car and is pretty awesome! I will have my interview and a whole post on it one day this week!

The one thing that did happen was this....

You see that amazing sun burn! Yep..I am so smart! 

Nascar races are so much fun. You have a diverse group of people. You get people dressed up (me), drunks, the men who walk around with no shirts and pot bellies, the young girls who walk around wearing basically no shirts, and the various other people. I like to sit and people watch for a while. At certain times you can catch the drivers going through the crowds but some of the people have partaken of way to many beverages and did not notice. I have some great pictures and I can not way to share everything with you. I will post another blog post the race shenanigans! 

Yesterday was spent cleaning the house..womp womp and I have off today so cheers to that. 

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Blog Design

I have been wanting to get into blog design since forever. might have thought this was a post where I was going all..this my blog design site. NOPE! I tried months pissed and gave up. I got so mad at trying to figure it out that I just stopped.

Now once again..I am trying. I will say it again. I am trying to figure out blog design again. I am not looking to make profits but I do want to get into blog design. I found a few sites that have great tips, pointers and one that if will send me DVDs for a "flat fee". Why can't I have a friend in graphic design..dang it!
Let's see how long this takes for me to get mad this time! If you have any tips, tricks or want to tell to me to just shut it..please do so!

I also will not be getting rid of my current design as I love it! Kate is amazing and has great designs!
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Happies and crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

I have to admit..I have more Happies this week. This has been a great week for me. Let's get this show on the road yall!

1. I get to interview the amazing Geico Nascar driver Casey Mears tomorrow. I was given the opportunity and I took it. PRAY FOR ME BABY JESUS! 

2. I am going to Richmond International Raceway tomorrow about said interview and I will get to also stalk Dale Jr. If I do not return...look on national headlines. 

(Enough drivers I know)

3. I may actually be able to be a fashion blogger for day with my outfit tomorrow, just maybe.

4. Thanks to Lisette, I ordered my Vine2Go cup. Now I can drink more often...and on the go..but safety first yall! 

5. The weather is amazing here in Virginia and Charlottesville looks very pretty! 

5.  I am still doing better than Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes and Kim K. LIFE IS GOOD.

Now for the crappies!

1. I am not yet a millionaire...dang it!

2. I ordered way too many clothes online this week...I am weak weak woman!

3. Love was kicked off of Mob Wives. No more beating a B down. 

4.  It is Channing Tatums birthday and I do not get to celebrate it with him. For some reason I am not cool enough and I may not be carry his child like some people are able to at this moment. Gosh..some people get all the luck .

5.  I used way to many GIFs in this and the word yall! 

If you are going to be in Richmond tomorrow..come by Geico Racings tent. It is at the raceway and see me!! At 4:00 I get to interview Casey part of it all!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In!

Grab button for SBG

This makes the 2nd week for the link up. Last weeks link up was a blast! I figured this week I would talk about something serious! The type of people you encounter at a party. This can make or break your party going experience! 

1. The Sober Friend

This person feels completely awkward because they are sober. Sometimes they get mad because of how idiotic they think you are acting or how you really are acting. Keep this person happy. They are typically your DD.

2. The sad drunk. 


The emotional wreck at the party once any type of booze is en-hailed  This lady/fellow is a wreck and will show it. They keep it all together when sober but all the walls come down when drunk. Beware for vomit in a few is sure to come. 

3. The Happy Drunk


This bubbly person will not stop laughing. They will giggle and snort at random shit that makes no sense at all. They will be in your face, tell dumb jokes dance, and think they are the life of the party.

4. The angry party pooper

They pretty much do this..enough said.

5. The slut

She will dance, grind and make her way around with all the men/boys. Watch for her! 

6. The creeper! 

This can be male or female. They try to make their way into your life for a few brief hours just for a slice of your goods. They are very cheesy, gross and need to go away! 

Which are you?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Richmond International Raceway: Casey Mears and Geico

This Saturday is the Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond International Raceway. If you are a reader of my blog, you know I love Nascar. I have been given the opportunity to interview Casey Mears. I am so excited to head to Richmond International Raceway this weekend to be a guest of the GEICO sponsor display. GEICO has a huge 60x60 ft. display containing tons of fun family friendly experiences including photos with GEICO's driver Casey Mears, a replica of Casey's race car, GEICO Pit Stop Challenge iPad game, and a large stage featuring live trivia, games and more. The thing I cannot wait for is the chance to interview Casey Mears himself on stage! I will be asking him five questions in front of the audience on stage. you have any questions you want answered by Casey Mears? Anything you want to know about Nascar, Geico Racing, Casey Mears? Let me know and I will ask away! 

Do you see that face? I get to interview that ladies! So once again..any questions...let me know. I will ask away! Also..if you are going to the race or will be in Richmond...parking is free. Come by the Geico Pit Stop   display and have some fun!! It is outside the venue! 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Country Girl Store

I was given the opportunity to do a product review on a few things from Country Girl Store. Now if you know me, you know that this is right up my alley. I love country life and anything country. This store is amazing. They have great clothes, perfume, accessories and a ton of other things. 

Let me first show you what they sent me to do a product review on! 

If you can not tell, that is a pile of swag! They sent me 3 shirts, a tank, pajamas and some amazing perfume! 

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty.

The perfume is amazing and smells fabulous. It is called Dream and right now for a limited time offer you can get it for $18.95. I normally am a body mist girl but this stuff smells so good. I love it and could bathe in it! 

The shirts fit amazing and even after a wash or 2 they do not shrink up. These are worth every penny you pay for them! I personally am not a fashion blogger and these clothes are right up my ally. I can wear them to my concerts or just out and about. 

This one is my favorite! 

They are also worn by a ton of celebs like Rodney Atkins, Jason Aldean, my man Blake Shelton, Sugarland and many more! This really is one of the best country clothing stores around. They not only have clothes for woman but they have clothes for men and kids! 

You can go to their site here Country Girl Store

*I was compensated with products for this post but all reviews are 100% my own.*

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

It is my favorite blog post of the week and least favorite day of the week. Monday and I have have yet to reach a understanding of each other. We still hate each other and have yet to become friends. Monday is a complete bish! 

I did have a fabulous weekend with my lovely hubs though! 

1. I got to drive home in a rain storm on Friday. I thought this was a sign of bad things to come but it was not. I could barely see so of course I took pictures while driving. 
2. We went to a car show on Saturday. This was the man part of the weekend. I had to walk by EACH CAR and act like I knew what Chris was talking about. 
3. This car he fell in love with...I thought it was cute with the flames.
4. We had Thai on the UVA corner for lunch. It was to die for!
5. We ended Saturday by drinking and having a bonfire. On facebook some people said it was more of a campfire...psh that made my hubs put brake clean on it and he took the air hose from the garage to it so the fire would be bigger!
6. Selfie of course!
7. Bon fire Shenanigans.
8. My parents came over and had dinner with us. My mother cooked everything thank god!
9. Hair is colored and cut finally!

This also happened yesterday...

Womp womp...Poor Kyle..can never catch a break! Maybe this weekend at Richmond

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Friday, April 19, 2013

4 Hours of Sleep

I am running on 4 hours of sleep thanks to my lovely husband. I am yawning like crazy and I need coffee. PLEASE BRING ME SOME. I have no energy to even be cute and participate in a link up today. Sorry

I was trying to find a funny gif for sleeping but stumbled upon this which has me cracking up! I blow dry my dogs and they do not do this..I wish they did! 

This week has flown by and has had its up and downs. Students have protested at work, I have gotten hardly any sleep and I have gained more followers. HEY YALL! 

So it is Friday...yay! Time for all kinds of fun this weekend. I  have a cookout with friends and that is it. I am making fleece quilts (buy them here if you want or message me..hint hint) and I am going to be super damn lazy because I can. I may clean the house some as I am OCD and I can not stand it to be messy. I vacuum my house 2-3 times a week. I can not help it. If my house is dirty will just sit and stew over it so I might as well clean it up. 

This also happened yesterday. No big deal.

Now how do I meet him or the rest of quack pack is the next task! If you know them, know how I can meet them..hook me up. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I grow up!

I love love love this link up that Miss Whitney is doing today. her sassy ass! We are sharing things we want to do when we grow up, like our houses, where we want to live, do, etc. Seeing as I am mid twenties and married and own a house I can only imagine at this point what I will never have so here it goes people! 

I would drink beverages like this everyday and not have a care in the world.

I would buy a island of course..because I plan on being stinking rich and have this swing for big kids!
My kitchen would be so stinking cute!
I would have a huge ass closet that I would call my Girl Cave and it would be full of a shit ton of Cowboy Boots, clothes, and booze! 

I would also own this bad boy because..well it is awesome and my husband would love me that much more!
I would  A TON of pit bulls as they warm my heart and are amazing!

I would make it on Big Brother and Win that Show! 

I would go to every Miranda Lambert concert just because I can! 

And I would have a retreat every year for all my blog besties and still invite other bloggers. There would be NO BULLYING BISHES and we would all party non stop, drink till we drop, and have non stop fun! 

And my life motto would be:

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