Life As Rachel: March 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happies and Crappies!!!

It has been awhile since I linked up with Happies and I figured I should!
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
Here are the happies:
1. We FINALLY got our new couch. I did not take a picture of it as I am exhausted this week. BLOG FAIL I know but I am in love with it and every time I walk by I pet it..odd? It is just so soft and fluffy!
2. IT IS FLIPPING FRIDAY! I get off work for 2 whole days. Hallelujer! I am so excited to relax!
3. It is supposed to be semi nice weather in Virginia as well...HALLELUJER.
4.I bought a pile of new clothes from Maurices and broke no shop March. Normally this would be a crappy since I broke No Shop March..but I wanted some new clothes so bad that I was like a crack addict!
5. I got some new wreaths done this week!
Now for the crappies...
1. I am still dealing with the stolen car shit.....I am at my wits end.
2. I broke No Shop March...woops! So close!
3. I have been a grump all week since I have gotten little to no sleep..sorry..not sorry!
Yep..that is all I got..this brain is not functioning on all speeds this a.m.!

Etsy Shop

I finally have gotten my Etsy shop together. I love making wreaths and decided to put my self out there and try to sell some of my wreaths. I put some of the ones I make online and if you want to check them out all you need to do is go here!
Here are a few of the wreaths that I have made/can make! I love making these and sometimes just make them and give them away!
Fleece Rag Wreath-any color combo you want. This one is UVA colors.
Burlap Bubble Wreath. I make 2 different style..go my Etsy shop to see!
Spiral Deco Mesh-These are super cute and super loud! I love them and this one was perfect for Easter!

I hope you like them! I am also offering 10% off of all orders. The code is on the site Etsy shop homepage!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

No Shop March

So for March...I made this pact with my self to not buy any clothes, make up, shows, etc. I wanted to save some cash and pay some bills off. 

Well..I broke down yesterday. This month was going great. I would window shop online. I made A TON of wish list and had not bought anything. Kiki La Rue was tempting me and so was Maurices. March is my birthday month and I got a ton of coupons in the mail that I have let expire. I have some good will power. BUT...yesterday I broke. Maurices had 50% off clearance items and I caved. I spent too much on clothes and now I will be getting a package in the mail with A TON of shirts and pants. It was like denying a child candy. I went nuts. 

I am not all that ashamed with my self because..well..I almost made it to the end of March so that makes me happy!

Also..I came home last night and my new couch and love seat were there! FINALLY!


It only took about 4 weeks! I had to actually call the store..and maybe pull out my bitch card but hey it worked! Sometimes you just gotta do that. 

At least today is Thursday. This weekend I shall celebrate Easter with my family. They shall come to my house, sit on my new furniture and I dare them to eat, drink or even breath on it!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Truth About Me

I was tagged by Becca at Faith Love and Babies. It was a post about sharing a few things about your self. We are both newly weds and have similar things in common. She has the cutest child and I love reading her blog. CHECK HER OUT! 

The post is like an about me post but you get to learn more facts about the person on another level, things you would not learn without this! 

So..lets go! 

1. I hate being late to anything. I am 15 minutes early to work every day. I show up early to any appointment I go to. If we would have a can bet I will beat you there. I get anxious if I will be late and I can not stand it. 

2.  I started my blog because I needed a hobby and I was bored. It has now turned into something I LOVE!

3. I only drive Fords. Yep...I am one of those people. I love it..I had Ford Mustang..I did have a Ford Focus until someone stole it. I have Ford Fusion and the hubs has a F250. See a pattern?

4. I want to write a book but every time I start it, I only get about 4 pages before I hate it and trash it.

5. I am a home body. I am 100% happy staying at home watching movies and eating pizza. The husband wants to go out but I bribe him to stay here....we make it work! 

6. I really really really want to be on Big yesterday. I have watched it since it first came on the air and I have applied this year. I WILL BE ON IT...please Big Brother?

7. I can not leave the house if my hair is not done and make up.My husband hates it but sorry yall. That just ain't happening. 

So that is some things about me. Now..the fun part. Tagging others!

I tag...

Check these ladies out.They are pretty flipping awesome!

LVX Nail Polish

I was given the opportunity to do a product review on LVX Nail Polish. I love nail polish so I was so happy to do this!  This nail polish is super cute and they have so many amazing colors!

Here is what I got in the mail!

How cute is that packaging for one?

 I love all these colors as well. The blue is very eye popping and it dries so fast! I loved the white as well. My hometown high school colors are blue and white so my niece wore these to here cheer leading events! This is honestly one of the fastest drying nail polishes I have ever had and it lasted a whole week. I normally have chipping but not with this. It worked so well and did not streak. They are also made in the U.S.A.

They now have a new spring line out. I plan on buying most of the colors as they are perfect for spring!

They are also donating 20% of their proceeds for the month of April to the ASPCA in honor of Anti Animal Cruelty Awareness Month. This means something really special to me as I have rescued one of my pups as she was abused! You should stop by their store and check it out! They have WONDERFUL products!!

 *I was compensated with products for this post but all reviews are 100% my own.*

Dinner fun and Nephew probz

So since the car being stolen and my world going womp womp I finally had a fun night thanks so some good friends here. We went to dinner at Outback and it was a blast! I love going out with these girls. We are super loud and pretty sure the loudest in the place. WHO CARES!
We all worked for the same company at one time or another and now no longer work there. I may have not left in the best of fashion...lets leave it at that!
No Shop March Update:
So far so good. I have not bought any clothing, shoes, jewelry or make up. I know. This was a hard one for me too. I did buy a couch but that was a joint decision and it was with my husband so that does not count in my book. I only have a few more days and I think I can make it. I was going to go No Shop April but since I am going to a casting call...that is not happening. Maybe No Shop May? Psh...Who am I kidding!! I know I will go shopping..I already have wish list for 5 stores!
There is something else that is bothering me as well. My nephew is in the the 6th grade. He has a facebook and I randomly check it to see what the lil fellow is up to. Well at his band concert all these little girls were saying how cute he is. They are now all over his facebook.
I am not happy about this. He is baby young to me. I want to be like..leave him alone but he thinks it is awesome. What is a Aunt to do!
I really want these little girls to just PUMP THE BRAKES! They are way to little to be fighting over my lil nephew. He has enough problems...and girls do not need to be it. Or am I just being a psycho Aunt? not forget to check out my new prices for sponsors!!!! I lowered prices and added some new spots!
Well..cheers to a great Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New ads!

Hey yall! I re did some of my ad prices..lowered a bunch of them and added a in post ad! Go to my sponsor page to check them out!
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Tuesday Randoms!

I did it!!!! I sent in my application for Big Brother 15. I am also going to go to the casting call here in Charlottesville. I am making sure they see this hot mess! After recording my video (which I did like 10 times) I had no idea how hickish I sound and preppy. Pretty Bad!
 I still need ideas on clothes so I tweeted miss Kiki La Rue...she said e-mail her so she will save me and give me good ideas! Helene also had a great idea to post pictures of ideas of what I want to I will do that as well.
In other news...the groundhog is a moron and forgot that spring wanted to come. He predicted wrong so I believe we should find that little shit and have a nice chat. It is a never ending winter. Since when did it snow a week before April in Virgina?
Also..lets talk about The Following. I love this show. I love all shows like this. I guess somewhere in that redneck/country brain of mine..I like crime TV creepy stuff. But lets be real...this would NEVER HAPPEN! This man..escapes a serial killer..has hoards of people killing for him, has a compound that they all hide out in, and the FBI, CIA and local cops can not catch him. BE REAL..who is he?
So... today is Tuesday. 3 more work days until Friday. This weekend my family is coming to my house for Easter celebrations....which means I will need to drink my soul away to deal with all the crazies that they are. I will pray we all
get along and there is peace! Psh..who am I kidding.
So..cheers to the week, my Big Brother application, and Easter!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Depressed Addition

I am linking up with the wonderful Sami today! 
I am sad to say that my weekend shenanigans..not that shenanigan-ish as I am still moping and sad and depressed and pissed about my car. Sorry.
I literally did not do anything that is worth talking about on here. I mean I honestly stayed at home with the hubs and helped him in his shop working on cars. NOT FUN.
 I did not go shopping.
I did not go see Luke Bryan shake his ass like I was supposed to.
I did not drink at all.
I did...cry...get to the state trooper who is not being very nice! MEAN STATE TROOPER!
The good part about my weekend is that I did find out that Big Brother is doing casting calls here in Charlottesville in the next few weeks and my country ass is going to be there. I need something to pick my butt up and make me smile so..I need ideas on what to wear to get me on this reality tv show. So if you have some..throw them my way! If I would get casted then you can watch me 24 hours a day..for 3-4 awesome would that be? I know..a bit much but I would make that show worth it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


So I am back..sorry for being gone so long. It has been the worst couple of days. My car was stolen from my house and the cops are not the nicest about all of it. That is all I can say about the details as I do not want all my business out there. I will let ya see what some asshole did to my car that I just paid off about 2 weeks ago or so.


I have literally been crying my eyes out and been angry as hell but all I can do is hope the cops catch the bastard!

I also gave up going to see Luke Bryan last night...yep..more tears!


I am going to try to be happy and not think about negative things. Thanks to all your positive messages and tweets. Everyone on here is amazing! 

On another note...They have the gypsy show on TV today and I can not get over how I lived in that town and did not know them trash bags. I literary have been to a lot of those places and never ran into them...WTF! is calling for more snow tonight...really! It is almost April. How is this possible. I do not live in Maine..this is Virginia..get it together!! 

Okay enough venting!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Chelsee Guest Post!

Hello Rachel’s Country Roots Readers!

My name is Chelsee and I blog over at Southern Beauty Guide. Rachel is going through a rough time right now, so to help her out I am taking over her blog for today! She is one of my favorite bloggers, so I was so excited when she told me that I could guest post today! I always have some exciting things going on over at my blog, so stop by some time and check it out!
For this guest post, I am focusing on a product review of some drugstore foundation that I have been using for about a month now. I take the time to thoroughly test products to make sure that I am able to give my readers a full honest review of products. Sometimes trying new products can be scary or intimidating, especially if you are on a Beauty Budget. Well sometimes, I find that it is worth making the jump in order to find great products, even if they are a little more than I am comfortable paying. I am, and have been for a while, obsessed with drugstore foundations. I have found throughout the past year that there are some great brands found at drugstores are better than some of the high-end foundations that I have tried in the past.
To start off, I am going to tell you upfront that my skin is very oily. This often I find is a pain in the butt, but my mother assures me that this is a blessing and will keep me from getting wrinkles. Until then I choose to fret over this issue. So I started trying some drugstore brands, I felt like if I tried it and didn’t like it then I would not be out of a ton of money. I am not saying that drugstore prices are cheap, because to be honest they are not. However, I have been able to spend about $12.99(Revlon/Maybelline) for my daily foundation versus $24(Clinique) in higher-end products.
It seems that brands such as Revlon and Maybelline have truly stepped up their game in terms of staying power and overall quality of their products. I have personally been a fan of the Revlon Colorstay for almost a year now. Specifically I truly am impressed with their whipped foundation; however the lack of color selection and design of the jar has forced me to change my foundation routine up a bit. Revlon is still a brand that I definitely recommend to all those that ask me what drugstore foundations are among my favorite.
Recently I decided to branch out to another new foundation that has caught the eye of many YouTube beauty gurus. Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Foundation has been making large waves in the world of makeup lately. I have seen it on channels such as eleventhgorgeous, leighannasays and many more. On a side note if you are unfamiliar with the channels I mentioned, you should definitely check them out. I must admit that I was quite skeptical when I decided to pick this up, but in the end decided to go for it!
I picked mine up at my local CVS. I personally am attracted to brands that claim to stay for 24hrs, because for someone with skin like mine this might actually stay on the length of time I need it to. I am in the color “Nude,” which is not a pale color at all. I found that I was very surprised at how dark this color ended up. This product is super blendable, and stays on pretty well. I usually see that I need to touch up my makeup after about 10 hrs, which is pretty good. However, this product does not have the staying power that I have experienced with Revlon. The smells is an improvement, and I typically like this foundation better.

Final Thoughts:
Due to it being blend-able, staying power, color matching, and much more this foundation has quickly became my new favorite foundation. If you have not tried this foundation, then perhaps you should. I find that my skin reacts to formulas quickly and this one has done nothing but improve my look. I love creating flawless foundations, and with this foundation, it is highly buildable and therefore easy to create a flawless foundation. I hope this review helps you if you are in the market for a new foundation. Thanks to Rachel for having me here today!

Southern Beauty Guide


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alot of things

Sorry for my absence..I will not be on here for a few days...if anyone would like to guest post..please let me know. My car was stolen from my house and totaled on my road. The cops are not being the nicest about this right now either. I do not want to get into to many details right now.
I promise I will answer all your comments and e-mails soon!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Shenaigans

So first...sorry I was not posting all weekend long but I decided to take a break from the cyber world for a few days. It was well needed!!!
Remember...hook up with Sami today on the Weekend Shenanigans link up. It is pretty freaking sweet. Like mullet sweet!
I had a wonderful 3 day weekend. YAY!
Friday I bribed convinced the husband that we needed a new couch so we went and looked and the store was having a half off sale that I may have known about. We are now getting a new couch and love seat on Thursday!
I did get conned into going on a road call with the husband though (he has his own mechanic shop) and since he bought me the couch I felt obligated to go. I also had a online vlate with Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide which was a blast. She is funny and has the best country accent. My husband may hace scared her..not sure!

Also in the mail came my new make up bag that I ordered off of groop dealz. I have had the same makeup bag for literally years so I was so happy to see this deal.

Saturday I went to WV to see my friend Jess and we made a TON of wreaths. I had a blast and it is always nice to see friends. I am once again a blog failure as I did not take any pictures of us...just her awesome dog Zepplin!

Sunday..nothing to fun to blog about. It is snowing here again. I over the snow..way over it!