Life As Rachel: February 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

No Shop March

I have decided like a mad woman to not buy my self any clothes or shoes during the month of March. Technically I am doing 30 days! I even decided this during my birthday month! CRAZY!
I want to see if I can actually do this. I tend to go every weekend and buy something or I get something online. My wallet will be a TON happier and so will my husband. The worst part in all of this..there is a dress I have been swooning (is that a word?) over for a month and Maurices and I pray it is there after this challenge is over. Can you not go shopping for 30 days? Pray for me good people!
Let me know if you are going to try and do this and how you are doing with it! I will keep updating everyone with how I am doing!

Car talk

So one of my best girl friends in real life..not that you guys are not real..but you know what I talking about getting a new car. This got me looking at new cars and now I want one. If I ask that husband of mine though...he will say no!
 I may have literally just paid off my focus last week. I feel though that I have had this car for 5 years. I am due for a new one. We may own three cars that are in great condition but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a Scion TC...really bad. So bad that I did this.
I Scion is ever gonna read that or even respond. Desperate times here people. I am very tired of trying the focus and the fusion. I love Ford..but lets be real...grandma cars. I would do ANYTHING for a new car. Look at how pretty it is!
Bottom line...If anyone knows anyone at Scion..HOOK A SISTER UP...that is all!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PLL and much more

OK so normally I do not post about TV shows but I have to post about this. If you have not watched last nights Pretty Little Liars...stop reading now!
One..Aria is the worst baby sitter ever but when did kids start going to the ER for scrapes on chins?
Two..Who all thinks Fitz and Aria will be done with Maggie back in the picture?
Three..Hanna and Aria ditching Wildens car..bad news bears. These girls are too cute but not cute enough to get away with this crime.
Four..Toby...WHY? Why did they kill/possibly kill of the Tobster?
I CAN'T! I want more Keegan Allen chest time people!
Five..What the heck is this cray cray girl saying? And about a mess! Poor thing has lost it fast!
Six...why leave me hanging until next week? I swear the writers of this show have made me one crazy bitch too!
On to other topics! I am starting to not feel so hot and thinking I am catching what the hubs has. Let's pray to every god known to man that I am not. I do not want ER visits here. If I do end up like all better send flowers because I will over dramatize it and act like I am on my death bed!

Yesterday I looked at my student loan stuff. BAD IDEA!


WOW...You never really realize how much you owe and then when you sit down and add it all is all BAM in your face! I couldn't even imagine if I would of continued and got a masters. Whoo..thank god I didn't have goals or dreams! So if any billionaires out there want to be super nice and pay my debt..hollar over here!

Which leads my tush onto how I really really really want to go to Bloggy Boot Camp this year BUT someone should sponsor me. So..I put together a fab, amazing media kit and send a few out. I hope to get a few responses soon. If you are a business and are reading this...CONTACT ME...please?? Wouldn't you like me to go learn alot of amazing things about blogging and grow my blog? I can promote your business and help it grow as well! (plus I wanna meet my blog friends)

So in other words..I am done rambling and everyone enjoy your hump day..the week is almost done!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just Because

I am linked up with Lisette today over at Northern Belle Diaries. If you do not link can go stand in the corner for all I care! This chick pretty much rocks my socks!
I am running on about no energy today. The husband is sick still and is throwing up again. He also decided that sleep walking was so in last night. Ever try to wake someone sleep walking? They say you are not supposed to do this but I do try to. IT NEVER WORKS! He literally took his dresser drawers out last night, turner the shower on and took my make up drawer out.
All while I am trying to sleep. Who else puts up with that? Only someone who loves that person!
This morning..he remembers nothing. He is still sick..and worse so lets so what the good ole doctors say today!
I was also nominated for the Top Blogger Award! I am very excited about this! I feel like my blog has really grown since January and thank you to everyone that has helped me with that!
I am also trying to go to Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte this year so you want do a sponsorship?? I have put together a fantastic media kit for companies to see! E-mail me or comment below! Send me to Bloggy Boot Camp so I can meet some of my bloggy friends and meet new bloggers and learn new things!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Are you linked up today with Sami?? You better be. If not....I will not be sharing any of my Starbucks that I am sipping on or the jolly ranchers that I am having for breakfast. I kicked some kids off the playground last week! It is getting deep in here!
This weekend was boring, happy and all kinds of other fun things wrapped up in one.  Friday night..nothing fun really happened. I just went home and lounged around.I did come home to a nice package though from Rebekah at All That Glitters. She has a game on twitter that you can play along with and try to win...but you gotta follow along on go follow her!
  BUT SATURDAY..THE MOOCHER MOVED OUT OF MY HOUSE. I did have to motivate his ass to get out my house. You never realize how happy and how much you love having your house to yourself with your husband until someone has lived with you for 9 months. I am so happy for it to be us and the furbabies!
I did proceed to paint my nails with amazing nail polish Rebekah sent me. I am so happy with the ULTA nail polish. I am super cheap and I have never been in ULTA before so I was and still am shocked that my nails look like they were still painted that day. Normally they would be cracked and looking bad..nope they look fresh!
Saturday night though was bummer. The husband was sick all day and could not even keep water down so we took his butt to Martha Jefferson and got some fluids in him and he is all better. The hospital though..whoa. It is brand new and super nice. I felt like I was in the Hilton or something. If I ever have a little me, I want to go there.

He will hate me for putting this on here..but shhh!! Do not tell him! I am glad he is better though. It is scary to see someone you love sick like that.
I went to Maurices yesterday..spent some monies and got this cute top!

And that was my was everyone elses weekend?

Sunday, February 24, 2013 secret love

My secret love is Nascar. I know most girls like football,baseball or soccer. Not me. I am all about some Nascar. Today's race...the Daytona 500.

This is a rednecks heaven. I have been raised in a Nascar family. I grew up on dirt tracks and I can sit down and watch a entire race and not get bored or fall asleep. One of the best parts...the hottest red-headed pale man you will ever feast your eyes on. He is secretly in love with me but has yet to realize it! 

Yep..that may be another reason I watch Nascar but I do enjoy the race and I can be completely wasted and still keep up. It is a circle...I can drink me some box wine/bud light and still know what is going on! 

Now if anyone knows Dale Jr...hook a sister up. My husband will understand!! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

First Vlog

You thought I had one on here didn't you! Sorry..but I am so close to 200 GFC followers that once I hit it..You get to see this country bumpkin online. Send me what you want to know..anything goes! E-mail it to me,, or leave it as a comment! Once I hit 200 or if I really get anxious, I will do it before then!! Only thing I have to not laugh at my accent!

Glasses USA

I have glasses and contacts and I know that picking them out can sometimes be a pain in the tush! That is where comes in!

They have high quality frames and lenses that they offer at a 110% lowest price guarantee. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Another great perk...they have a refer-a-friend program. They have cheap glasses that are so cute and there is something for everyone. They have mens, womens, multifocal, and rx sunglasses.

How does it work?? You get your eyeglasses prescription from your eye doctor and select the eyeglasses you like/love! Then you go step by step and put in your prescription. It is so easy! has been so nice that are giving a discount to all of my readers. You get 10% off with the code: Blog10 How awesome is that? They not only have that code available to you but they also have a TON OF DISCOUNTS going on their site under the sales and coupon section. Currently they have a sale for 30% off and free shipping as well! Go to the site for more info!

Say you want to try something out and are not sure about the also have a 30 day no risk 100% guarantee. If you are not happy with them, you can return the product within 30 days for a full return, no questions asked!

I think this is a great company and eye glass companies online are starting to become a big thing these days! You can browse and shop for glasses online without having to leave the comfort of your home!

 *I was compensated for this post but all reviews are 100% my own.*

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Furbaby Vet Day

Today my little bitty Itsy Bitsy is at the vet all day long. She is getting her lady bits removed. I could not even bring my self to drop her off because I am sad. I know she needs this done but it makes me sad because I do not want to see her in pain. We got her at only 5 weeks old and she has grown so much since then. She is only over 4 months old now but she is my little bitty bug!  DON'T JUDGE ME FOR THE NICKNAMES PEOPLE.
This was the first day I got her...and her eyes looked like they just opened!!
Her big sister was having to check her out!
She was so freaking tiny and has grown so much in a few months! She was only 5lbs and now was 22lbs!
So lets all pray to the Furbaby Gods that everything goes okay for her spay while her ladybits are removed.

Group Giveaway from Chelsee

Hey everyone! The lovely amazing Chelsee at Southern Beatuy Guide has put together a wonderful giveaway! I know I am in a few right now..but hey...who does not love free stuff??? 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Venting and Happys In One?

Yesterday was a bad...bad...bad..bad day for me. Things..were bad...then went worse..and got even worse.
Yep..that what my mood yesterday. One person made me mad and it was down hill from there. So lets talk about what is making me mad!
1. We have a person living with us for 8+ months who has not paid us any rent..I have since told them to move the eff on out of my house. They have until Saturday. Sorry..Not sorry!
2.  My weight is just blah. I am eating so good but I need to work out...yep..I said it. I gotta get my butt in gear and work out!
3. Sometimes family members can be big ole twits and just ruin your whole day..that is all about that one!
4. My Birchbox has yet to arrive..I hate waiting for stuff..very impatient. According to the post office..they have attempted to deliver this lovely pink box but I have yet to see anything. I call shenanigans on them!
Now I will stop venting and talk about good things!
1. My free loader person referenced above is moving out! 
2. I won a free blog design by Scrapcake Designs! I love my current design but I am super excited to get a new, customized design!  Go visit her site...she does amazing work!
3. I have a ton of giveaways going on or that will be coming up...check them out!
4.YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! YOU...AND YOU..AND YOU! I really love all of your comments and that you take time out to read my little blog. I love each and everyone of my readers and followers!!! So cheers to all of you!

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