Life As Rachel: January 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Damn Storm

Last night we got that horrible storm on the East Coast. Lucky us. I was hoping it would just be a little rain storm and that would be it. NOPE! I did not think much of it at first and was all "We are not going to lost power" because we NEVER EVER lose power. We have never lost power in our house for more than a few seconds when everyone else loses their power. I was so wrong last night. Lucky us...we got to lose power for a few hours. Does this make for a happy Rachel? I was actually in a pretty good mood.
I am so high class I cooked hot dogs by candlelight/flashlight until the hubs decided to plug a light in! The good thing about having gas/propane can still cook when the power is out. I highly recommend this yall!
 The ole hubs is pretty crafty and fixed the generator not to long ago so he hooked it up to the TV so I could have that and the Internet and that made for one happy Rachel! And that is the Big Bang Theory playing in the background!

 As you can see...the pup does not see to amused with this power outage! The other dog who does not like the dark...was hiding in the crate!
Also..I weighed my self..finally. I had been putting that off for..weeks...for real. I didn't gain..much. Only 1 lb. WOOT!! I am happy with that..I guess. I need to really get back on track and be serious and try to lose this muffin top and look schemxy for my man ya know! I do feel good and I am happy with the way I look but I would be happier if I lost like 5-10 lbs. So no more Starbucks/Dunkin/McDonald frapps for me!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Wednesday!

Yesterday I got home to this lovely package on my kitchen table which made my day seeing how I am not feeling the best and I am starting to catch a cold.

This is my first Birchbox and I was very happy with what was inside so be looking for that little preview!! I also have some fun giveaways and product reviews coming up! Are you excited..I sure freaking am!
On another note..last nights Pretty Little Liars was a good show but had me all sad because of the Tobster. I am sad that Spencer has found out the truth but yet I want them back together. Who cares if he on the damn A train. That is one hot fellow and he needs to be on every episode with no shirt on. I feel like this should be mandatory.
Dance Moms was also on. That lovely ball of mess Abby was yelling and sashaying her butt all over the television. I am just not sure how she can yell at the little kiddos and make them cry. I could never do that but I also can not find the ability to turn it off. The kids are super talented though so maybe that's it? NOPE who am I kidding..its all the drama from the class act mommas! 
I also enjoyed this lovely-ness yesterday! Who is counting calories? Not me! With a sore throat this made everything better!!!
Happy Hump day yall! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tell me about it Tuesday!!!

So I figured I would start with the topic Mrs. Helene went with and then completely ramble from there!
Why I Blog:
Welp...this is seriously the reason. I was trying to find tutorials on how to curl my horribly straight hair and found some great blogs and figured hey I can do this and I need a hobby so I went with it. It just started as random junk and is just forming as it goes. I am making some friends as I go as well!
Now here is something I am loving this week! I love Sally Hansen's nail polish. I am currently using the Blizzard Beach and Strobe Light together. It is super cute and looks great. I had to touch it up after a few days which made me sad because I guess that is one of those "get what you pay for" deals or I am just rough as heck on my nails!


It is also a WARM day in Charlottesville. I am so thankful for that. I did not freeze this morning or have to warm my car up. I over this cold weather...bring on spring and summer! When I turned on spotify this morning, Luke Bryan was the first song to play, that has to be a good sign! Made me wanna dance around the office but that would be bad even anyone showed up and saw that mess!
Do not forget I have a giveaway for a Scentsy warmer going on here! Go enter!! I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!! I am gonna work my butt off and jam to some country tune-age! up with this chic..she kinda rocks!
Helene in Between

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update!!!!

This weekend had it's ups and downs!!! Saturday started out great! I went to of the best places on earth. This store is heaven. Who does not like Target? I mean I am so happy when I go there. I can get Starbucks till I drop and I am in absolute bliss until I reach the register and see what I actually spent! Then I am all WHATTTT!
I did manage to buy some lovely nail polish and threw a little paint on them nails. I have to admit..I have not painted my nails in least 5 years if not more. I hated doing this and would only go to a salon and pay some one which got pricey and I completely suck at it..or so I thought. I gave it another shot over the weekend because..well I am tired of my nails looking like shit! I did not even have my nails done for my wedding ladies! DO NOT JUDGE ME!
I also had my cute not so little niece and nephew over Saturday night for pizza and what not. I painted her nails as well but being the bad blogger that I am..I did not take a picture of her nails and I painted them the wrong color...she is a cheer leader and I did the other teams colors...oops!
He also thinks he is Justin Biebs.....
I did lounge with the puppers yesterday in the a.m. and they decided to cuddle with each other instead of me. Little shits! At least they look super cute together! The little one is getting super huge!! Check out them paws...and she is only 11 weeks out!
Me and the hubs went out for mexican food last night and then decided to drive 40 minutes out of the way for Sweet Frog. We were the only mid-twenty people in the joint but I do not care. That stuff is addicting and I would drive 2 hours to get it!

Do not mess with me when it comes to my Sweet may lose a limb! I should of taken some pics of me and the hubs..but he looks Amish now that he has decided to grow a beard and well...who wants to see that? And can't take a picture of a Amish fellow!
I am also hosting another giveaway thanks to my mother!!! You can find it here! It is a scentsy warmer of your choosing and a bar!
Also a little thing I must say...I was not going to watch the show Buckwild for multiple reason..
1. I lived in ain't like that.
2. This is another Jersey Shore.
3. Well..I guess we are like this in the country..who am I kidding!
I guess he won't be reading my blog then?
Also the winner of the Maybook giveaway has been chosen and it is...Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide!! Hey Chelsee...give me a buzz!
Welp..that was my weekend..not so much fun..kinda boring! Tata for now!

Scentsy Giveaway

Hey guys!!! My lovely mother is a Scentsy rep! She has been so kind to give a warmer and one bar away for your choosing. And if you do not have one..they make your house smell super good. I happen to have 4 in mine..little much but hey I love them! So....enter on!!! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today I am feeling uber lazy! It is snowing once again and I would be perfectly happy if I laid in bed and slept all day long. I am looking a little rough right now. The hubs said I need to get up and out the I did. At some point today I am going to drag my butt to Target to spend money I shouldn't but Target always makes me smile until I get to the register and see what I actually spent!


I did find out yesterday I am going to Rascal Flatts with The Band Perry. My amazing friend Pam got tickets and we are going to dance our butts off in Feb. I am very excited. I would be even more excited if we were going to see Luke Bryan but the hubs told me know right before they went on sale and then when Pam tried..they were sold out...bitches! Since I can not go see Luke..I am leaving you with this again!

I do need to get back on this weight loss thing. I bought some girl scout cookies Them little girls bring out those cookies just in time to ruin my diet. I find it almost impossible to not eat at least 5 cookies before I put the box up. DAMN IT! 

Do I think I will ever look like this?

NOPE! WHY? Because I have a chest the size of Texas! But it would help if I would stop shoveling in girl scout cookies and would actually work out once in a while! I could do Zumba in my own house..but do I? NOPE! So at some point I guess I gotta kick my butt into some kind of we shall so what happens!!! 

Welp I am done rambling so have a great day everyone!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Newly Wed Link up

So I do not know if we count as newly weds anymore. We are about hit three years but hey I am particpating anyways! This is from Karla at Forever Newly Wedded! So here is the jist..she ask the questions..we answer!

1. What is the worst thing that happened on your wedding day, if anything?
Welp...the hubs accidnetly knocked me down while doing the cake in your face deal! OOPS!
2. Who is the better driver?!
3. If someone had to play your spouse in a movie, who would it be?
Steve-o. Everyone says he looks like him..even some creeper in Luray Caverns did!
4. What’s your spouse's favorite comfort food?
Hm...he loves steak and eggs!
5. Which one of you hogs all the covers in bed?
He does...I gotta fight for the bed and covers every night!
6. The saying “opposites attract must be true because
my spouse and I couldn’t be any more different when it comes to EVERYTHING!!!?
7. If your spouse won $5000, what would they spend it on?
He would buy truck stuff...or camo something!
8. If your spouse could be married to any famous person, which would it be and why?
He would pick Miranda Lambert....because he thinks she is fine!
9. Who controls the remote??
10. If your spouse were a superhero, what would their "super power" be?
Super drinker?

Happies and Crappies

Today I am linking up with Stephanie and Sarah with the happies and crappies linkup. 


1. I got to see Miranda and Dierks Bentley over the weekend! 
2. I had Monday off since I work for the state and needed this day to recover from above mentioned concert!
3. My blog has blown up!!! Thank you to YOU. 
4. Luke Bryan tickets go on sale at 10:00 a.m. today!
5. I was featured in the Target #EverydayShow for one of my tweets!
6. My Big Redneck Vacation is back tomorrow night!
7. ITS FRIDAY!!! Which translates into drink beer bitches! 


1. The hubs decided to get sick 2 days ago which means I have a man laying around my house acting like he is dying!
2. It snowed. I hate snow and I am tired of it.
3. It is calling for more of this snow today!
4. My dog will not stop pissing in her crate!
5. I have a massive pimple coming on my chin..any advice there peoples? 

I have had a good week for the most part..what about yall?

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Thursday, January 24, 2013

If I was a guy!

So I have seen a few post linking up with Erin and Gay about this topic and decided I had to post my "If I was". Sorry I am late to the party!

So here I go! 

...I would take 5 minute showers and get ready in less than 15 minutes instead of a hour.

...I would drink MORE bud light and belch without saying excuse me

...I would eat more fast food and pizza and than do it again a few hours later without worrying about a diet

...I would pee outside in the woods and not have to worry about squatting if I am hiking! 

...I would not have to shop every week (not that I do that now, don't judge me) for clothes as I could wear whatever and it would not matter. 

...I would NOT have to take selfies every time I go shopping. 

...I would pick up my dirty clothes off the floor and wash them! (hint to the hubs)

...I would start the car every morning before work for my spouse when it is cold.

...I would make the bed when I get out of it (pshh who am I kidding, no guy will ever do this)

...I would probably be gay as I love everything glittery...girly and pink! True Story! 

...I would be thrilled that I would not have to shave them legs and pits. I would scream this out at the top of my lungs!

...I would watch Nascar on the weekends and hog the remote when you try to change it.

...I would also have a mullet because they are amazeballs. Business in the in the back.

What would you do if you were a guy? 

Ricky Bobby Style

Today we have a lovely bit of snow. At my house..we got about 3-4 inches or something like that. I still got my arse up and went to work. Cray I know! I did go in late but I still sauntered in and was all Hey yall!
But in the process of getting to work...not fun. My driveway has yet to be cleared and I do not have a normal driveaway. It is honeslty a mile long and my hubs did not get the tractor out and clear it for me nor did he clean my car off. When I was driving my drive way and made a turn in..thats how long it has turns, I went sliding Ricky Bobby style! 
Maybe not that dramatic but I still slid! I also got my dress caught on something and it cinched..not cool but hey I got to come to work late which meant more sleep!
I also got this sweet tumblr from Starbucks the other day to go with my Starbucks addiction. Made me smile. Is it bad that I get super excited over these little things? You can not tell but the inside hearts change color with heat! The little things make me smile!
Welp to anyone in the snow be safe!