Friday, December 27, 2013

2013...The Good and The Bad

2013 has been a hard year for me. It has had its up and downs and I am ready for 2014. What this year has brought for me.

1. I got to interview Nascar Driver Casey Mears. That was a huge highlight for me and a huge part of my blogging career. He was very nice and could tell I was nervous. He made me feel very comfortable!

2. I got to do a ton of product reviews, park reviews and so many other things because of my blog and that I am thankful for that. 

3. I went to a ton of concerts. I saw Miranda Lambert multiple times, Dierks Bentley, Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry, Blake Shelton, Easton Corbin, Jana Kramer, and I am seeing Jason Aldean in January. I may have forgotten one or two..not sure!

That would be Mr. Shelton right there. I like to imagine he was singing to me. 

4.  The biggest GOOD news of the year is I opened up COUNTRY COUTURE in May. I am loving it and it is growing every day! I could not do it without all my blog friends, customers and family members. Thank you guys!

5. Some sad news is my car was stolen and totaled this year. Lets leave it at that.

6. My nephew was shot and killed in October. He was an amazing kid and I love him more and more each day. I will never lose my memories with him. We grew up together and he is still in my heart. I have no words to express my loss really but that I can never replace him, I can't have him back, I can't hug him and I miss him more than anything in this entire world.

7. Some happy news is one of my sister came back in my life after the accident with Dax. I got to meet 2 of my nieces and now have them in my life again. I lost my amazing wonderful nephew but I now have 2 nieces as well and they are getting to know my other niece A. I am not giving names as they do not need to be out there. 

I have made a ton of friendships through blogging and my blog has grown, changed and developed over the past year. I know I will change still and so will my blog over the next year in 2014 as my life changes even more. I do not know what is going to come in the next year I just hope it has good things in store for my family and my self. I thank every single one of you for reading my blog, being there for me when I needed advice, help, or just an outlet to pour my heart out to over the past year. I have had a rough year and I don't think I could have gotten through it without some of your love. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful year and let's make 2014 just as wonderful! 


  1. Praying 2014 is a great year for you and your family! :-) I loved reading about all the fun things you were able to do this year, and here's to hoping next year will be even better!

  2. I'm so glad I "met" you and became friends with you this year!

  3. I hope 2014 is filled with blessings for you and your family, Rachel! xo

  4. you definitely had some hard times, I am thinking of you often and hope that 2014 will be an awesome year for you!

  5. Your a strong person and 2014 will be awesome! I can feel it!

  6. Hi Rachel,
    I am glad I found you online this year via bigcommerce/twitter I think! I hope 2014 is awesome for you and I hope your online shop continues to grow!

  7. Was it only this year we "met" each other??! Either way, I'm glad we did =)

  8. I know 2014 will be great for you I just know it!

  9. 2014 will be awesome. Just because it has to be. Happy New Years!


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