Tuesday, November 19, 2013

U by Kotex

Most women/teens do not like to talk about their menstrual cycles but around my blog, anything is up for grabs. I was sent the U by Kotex CleanWear pads to try out and let me tell you, these work great. I only get my menstrual cycle 4 times a year due to my birth control so I had to wait to test these out.

Now in blog land, some lady bloggers do not want to talk about this type of thing but let's be honest. We all get this and we all need some type of feminine product. 

Aren't they super cute for one? I know I get tired of the ugly color and these are super adorable! You shouldn't have to be ashamed of your period and the bright colors make it more fun for you!

Now here are some good details on them!
U by Kotex CleanWear Pads
  • A seriously flexible pad with MemoryFlex core that moves with your body
  • Wings help prevent bunching and scrunching
  • An ultra-flexible 4-layer absorbency system that’s got you covered
  • Available in Regular, Heavy Flow and Overnight absorbencies

Now for me, I was able to do everything I normally do. I can wear them running, doing chores around the house and whatever else I want to do. I feel like this is a great brand and product and worth every penny to purchase. You probably think that due to them being a skinnier pad though that they do not protect as well but honestly they do. I found such great protection with these. I would recommend these to any women/teen of any age. Also..as mentioned about they are so flexible. Seriously...go try these and do a handstand, cartwheel or something. You will be shocked! My favorite part is that you can not tell that you are wearing them! 

I even wore this amazing dress with them and I could not tell a thing! I am telling you, these are amazing. I have seen them in the store and ignored them but you shouldn't. Give them a try!

If you want to try a free sample for your self just go here! Make sure you like U by Kotex Facebook page as well. They post coupons and a bunch of fun stuff on there. You can access that here! There twitter is also a good one as it has the same stuff and I find that twitter is the best place to ask questions to a company. You can DM them and find out things you want to know without all of your facebook friends finding out so click here for that!

I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.


  1. Your dress looks fabulous! And I can't lie, the packaging on those things is pretty cute...

  2. You are so pretty! From this great review I can see that this is a product line that is worth trying!


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