Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Country Couture Fun

I have ordered more Infinity Fringe Scarfs! Most of these sold out last time so I ordered more colors and restocked some of the colors that sold out last time. You can pre-order the ones that are coming to make sure you get the ones you want! They are only $16.50.

I have also stocked some Houndstooth Scarfs. These are so adorable and only $18.75! 

I have so many different dresses and shirts in stock. You have to go to the store and check out all of the different things I have in stock. Some things are getting to be only one or two things left so make sure you grab what you want before it is gone!! 

Also use this code! Today only! If you do not use it at checkout..I can not go back and edit it! 

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  1. WOOOHOOO! I hope you get some orders today! :) I LOVE country Couture! They have the best products and Rach is super fast as sending out orders


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