Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

Sami's Shenanigans

So unfortunately the weekend is over and it is back to work. It is raining here but we need it! I am loving the cool weather that the rain is bringing so score one on that! 

1. We went to Graves Mountain Lodge here where there is a big apple harvest festival for the next 3 weekends. They have pumpkin picking, food, vendors, apple picking and so much more! 
2. Apple butter donuts...enough said!! 
3. We went apple picking. We actually have our own apple orchard at home but this orchard is 10 times bigger than our 200 trees so this was a ton more fun..and it isn't as much work when it isn't your own trees! 
4. A local Mennonite store was selling BBQ Saturday so we grabbed some ribs! I know not health but oh so good!  
5. The girls love their daddy! 
6. I HATE MY HAIR CUT and until it grows out it will be pulled half back. 
7. I am having a 40% off sale until 5:00 EST today! Go check it out here! Any order over $75.00 gets free shipping automatically as well!


  1. MMM!! Sounds like a yummy weekend. Ribs and apple cider donuts! YES!

  2. umm apple butter donuts?! bring me one please.

  3. Yummy food weekend!!! I like your hair!! You'll get used to it, always takes me a couple days too.

  4. Your hair looks cute like that! Why do you hate the cut?

  5. Apple butter donuts? Never had them but they sound sooooo good!

  6. oh hush, your hair looks great! you look like you had a great weekend. keep it up :)

    ps, funny i hate my hair and you hate yours. wanna trade!?

  7. Everything about this sounds awesome! I wish it got to be more fall-ish here in AZ so I could do fun things like Apple picking. And your hair looks cute! Don't be sad :(

  8. Looks fun! that's like the perfect fall weekend!


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