Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things That Annoy Me

As I am sitting here, I am getting annoyed. It may be Mother Nature doing this to me or just me getting annoyed. It could be the migraine I have had for 3 days. So I decided to let you know what is annoying me or has over the past few weeks. 

1. Burning your toast. People it is not that hard to cook toast. If you burn it every day, turn the toaster down. Simple! When you work with people, have some respect for them. 

2. When someone clears their throat all day long or coughs constantly. Get some damn water. How hard is that? Not that hard. Buy some cough drops. Just saying! You are annoying everyone but they just do not want to say it. 

3. Bad perfume. Like real bad. Like smells like moth balls bad. Just no.

4. When family members ask when we will have a baby. I don't ask when you will get a job, retire, buy funeral plots, stop being nosey or any of that fun let's get out of the baby talk. It is kinda gross if you think about it. It is like asking..when are you and Chris gonna go do it? WEIRD! 

5. Do not hug or kiss me if you do not know me. WARNING. I have a personal boundary thing. Bloggers that I am friends with...You are good...people I do not not come near me. I have a bubble. Stay out of it. I like to be in my bubble alone. 

6. Bad drivers. Seriously. I live so close to Richmond and DC and people can not drive for anything around here. Horrible.

7. When it is cold out and college students are rocking shorts. Girls put some clothes on. It is to cold for all that. 

8. No reply bloggers.

9. My self sometimes. It happens.

10. When someone calls me fat that has a mullet. Happened the other week .Girl you had a mullet! 

And I am done ranting. What annoys you? 


  1. I always annoy myself. It's actually annoying how much I get on my nerves. It also really annoys me when people talk in their cell phone in the restroom, IN the stall!! Is it that important??

  2. Oh it'll take more than one good post to list all my annoying things. You didn't throw in the following:
    -people that chew with their mouth open
    -the one person at the gas pumps who HAS to go in to pay for gas and block the pumps but then he finds his neighbors friend who wants to gab for awhile so you sit there and wait for him to come move his damn vehicle
    -being late for an appoitment, i cannot stand being late, anywhere, anytime
    -people that are constantly burping and their burps stank somethin nasty
    .....want me to keep going? i've got a good list! oh and am i in the hug-zone? i wanna hug you! i like my bubble too, but i feel as if i deserve to hug you if we both hate hugs, it's gotta counter-act it right?! LOVES!

  3. Right now this cold/sinus infection I've had since Saturday annoys me. Like, go away already!

  4. My huge pet peeve lately is seriously people talking on the phones in the restroom. SERIOUSLY. For one, if you're doing your business, why in the world would you answer your phone halfway through?! Second, some people actually CHOOSE to walk into the restroom while already on the phone and just do their thang. NOT.COOL. Seriously disgusting. Yuck! -end rant.

    I like to be in my bubble alone too. Some people just need to get a clue!

  5. I so love that you admitted to number 9, it really annoys me when I annoy myself too. I know exactly what mean!

  6. Someone called you fat? No. Just all wrong. I see people wearing shorts and tank tops all the time when I'm freezing. I think some people are missing the "cold gene." I totally don't get it!! And maybe you should ask when they will buy their funeral plots next time someone asks you about a baby. Just to see what happens!!!

  7. I'm right with you on the personal space thing. I HATE when people touch me if i don't know them. Get a clue people.

  8. ahhh 2 3 4 and 5 are sooooo annoying!

  9. 2,3,5,6 are REAL bad. Number 9... eshk sometimes I am so bad I just want to lock my self in a closet.

    Other things that annoy me, someone who chews 'quiet' food obnoxiously loud. People with ZERO manners! Someone questioning why my boyfriend is with a girl "that looks like you".

  10. OMG!! The baby thing!! That drives me freakin nuts!! Why is it that because I'm young and just got married that I ned to start shooting out babies already?!?!?

  11. Oh my gosh I just adore this, you crack me up! Also, I would totally run up to you and give you a hug. You would probably punch me in the face. :)


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