Thursday, October 24, 2013

Store Fun!

Hey there! I haven't done one of these in awhile so I figured today was a great day! 

I have these lovely infinity scarfs on pre-order. They will be here the beginning of the next week. You can order them now and guarantee that you get them before any one else. There is only one left in the teal from customers buying it last night so make sure you grab the one you want quickly!!! I will re-order them if the sell out! The colors are teal, red, rose, rust and brown. They are only $16.50.

I also am starting to have limited stock in a few pieces. Larges sell the quickest so if you see a large in something and that is your size, make sure you order it when you see it before it sells!

There is only one left in the Morgan Maxi and it is a small! It is only $25.50!

There is also only one left in the Madison Chevron Maxi in this color. It is on sale for $20.50. It is a large! 

I have a ton of product on the site so go check it out! Make sure you follow our instagram and twitter  for special sales. Go like our facebook as well!! 

To shop either click the logo for the store above or click here


  1. Ahhh! Those scarves are gorgeous!

  2. I need more money so I can order from you again!!

  3. Aaaaghh! Those scarves! I die! I will be hitting up our budget tonight to see if I can squeeze in some funds for that beauty! :)

  4. Love the scarves!! Hubby took my credit card away so no shopping now :(

  5. Omgsh these are gorgeous!!! I like love love love them!

  6. Scarf in red is ordered! CAN"T WAIT!


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