Friday, October 4, 2013

My Ipod

Since I am getting into running I decided to dig my iPod out and take it with me. Finding it was half the battle. I realized I have not updated this beast in years. Pre-Chris-Beat Me Down-Brown and way before Miley left Hannah! 

My husband bought this for me when we first started dating. I can not even get it to download iTunes on my computer right now...that is a completely different story right now. 

While listening to my iPod, I realized I may have been a very confused 18-21 something person. I have the nutty mix of music on this bad boy. So...I figured I would give you a brief view of what is on it!! (I hit random on there to get these particular order)

Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne on Grooveshark

Money in the Bank (feat. Lil' Scrappy) by Young Buck on Grooveshark

I have a ton more I over 1000 but this is a very very tiny bit. I am not sure what I was doing or listening to at this point in my life but I guess we all go through this. 


  1. My iPod is exactly like yours excepts it's pink and full of songs I listened to several years ago, I always think I should update it but then I change my mind and just turn the radio on.

  2. Hahaha I haven't updated my music in forevvverrr. Love that last one! Old schooool. Haven't heard most of these in a while!! Love this!

  3. can't ever go wrong with a little money in the bank!! love tha song. and now I think i will listen to it!

  4. Ha!! Too funny! I had a similar experience when I updated the software on my phone the other day. I wiped all the music off and then added it back on. I had sort through sooooo many old songs!

  5. LOVE THE LAST SONG! I am cracking up! This is hilarious!

  6. Oh my gosh this is so funny. You certainly covered all the bases! :)

  7. Hahaha this is hilarious cause mine is the same way!! I still use the very first iPod I ever bought, it's like a brick, lol!! But I feel like it's more durable than the little dinker ones these days


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