Friday, October 25, 2013

Cold Weather

For some reason Fall was here for about a week and winter/cold weather is here. It is so cold here. I can not take it. It is 36 degrees. There is no need for this nonsense. So..with that I leave you with this. 

It's SO cold out that the politicians have their hands in their OWN pockets !

#Funny ecard #message: It's so cold out that I saw a teenager with his pants pulled up.

It's so cold out!

Funny Seasonal Ecard: I'm pretty sure I just keyed my neighbor's car with my nipples.

I will be spending my weekend in Amish Country this I bid you ado! 


  1. that last one...I"M DYYYYYING hilarious!!

  2. It's cold here too! I don't get it where is fall!?! Have a great weekend in Amish Country.

  3. Omgsh you are too funny for your own good lol have a great weekend!

  4. Hahahaha the two last ones! I die. I hate cold weather too absolutely HATE it

  5. i too am way over this winter shit

  6. Hahaha, this is hilarious! I've been getting so irritated bc it won't get cold here!! Everyone has their boots and scarves on and the leaves are changing and I'm still running my AC in the car!! So lame...

  7. hahaha that nipples ecards is great!


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