Monday, September 30, 2013

Why I Did It

I have been asked by family and friends why I started Country Couture.  It has been open for a few months now and the main reason was I got tired of over priced clothes at other shops. I got tired of not being able to fit in clothes, not getting responses and not knowing how something fit. I wanted to be able to open a shop that was priced fairly, that everyone could shop at and that everyone could relate to with out the hassle. I know that is more that one reason but that is why I did this.

I love hearing from customers whether it is good or bad. I need to know what I can improve on. If the quality of something was not up to your standard, tell me! I love seeing pictures of everyone in their clothes! I love the smiles! I also love giving discounts. I am hear to make a profit but I am not here to rip anyone off. If a customer wants to see how something fits, I will put it on for them. If they wanna know the length, is it see through, or any questions about a item I will answer it. Tweet me, dm me, email me. Anything..I will answer you. I am constantly on my phone and computer ready and waiting to help anyone out! 

My big dream is to own my own storefront shop one day but that is going to take a long time. There are a ton of other stores online and other storefronts that I have to compete with. I do this in my spare time. When I am not at my full time job I am at home doing stuff for the store. Before work I get orders ready, after work I get orders ready. I work on the site all the time. I love this and would not trade it for anything! 

I know you may not care about this but I had to share it. If it wasn't for my amazing customers I have, some from South Africa others from here in the U.S., I could not be doing this! 

I love you guys! 


  1. I am so glad you did this!! Well done and good luck for the future
    And THANK YOU for shipping to South Africa for us!!

  2. i love when anyone follows their dreams, great job!

  3. Awesome! I always see the cute items you post!

  4. I just want to say it is cool as shit that you have your own company!!!

  5. very cool, best of luck with your business!!

  6. ADORE THIS! follow your dreams friend!


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