Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Sami's Shenanigans

I am a little late to the game today. I was off yesterday due to a ton of crap on Friday.

 Exhibit A.

That would be my car. I rear ended my husbands truck. You would think that is hard to do but nope, it is not! Leave it to me.  I  caused $5000.00 in damages. Yep..I am a smart one.

 Today I am in a rental and I would rather own the rental. If you can make it happen please do so!

I did make it to the Nascar race on Saturday at Richmond International Raceway. They did not offer me a job yet but I believe it will happen soon. They love me, I know it. Here are a few pics from that. 

Love this crowd. There is nothing better! 

Danica Patrick has nothing on me. 

Also..can you make this pink truck mine?

We were hoping these were the fainting goats but they were not. 

Big cheeseball. 

Wonderful day was had by all! Now...to have a good week after a crazy weekend! 


  1. Sorry about your car =( No fun.
    SO many people came out to the race! Wow!
    Glad you were able to have a good time.
    That pink truck= amazing.

  2. sorry about your car that sucks rocks. but at least the weekend was good and that goat is friggen adorable.

  3. I'll take a pink truck too! Sorry about your car, I bet there wasn't any damage to your hubbies truck though. Trucks always fare better in accidents which is why you need that pink one!

  4. There you are! I was wondering where you were yesterday. :)

  5. Sucks about your car, but hopefully it didn't ruin your weekend!

  6. the race looks fun!! so sorry about your car :(

  7. Oh my gosh, didn't you just get a new car?! You poor thing! Please don't tell me that happened it the driveway though! :)

  8. Whoops! Sorry about your car! Glad you still made it to the race, priorities :) And I guess you didn't kidnap Dale or Kasey, since I got no calls to bail you out of jail!

  9. So sorry about your car :( ...but I LOVE that pic of you in the race car!!!

  10. poor car...I can't believe they let you in the 88 haha Looks like other then the accident you had a great weekend!

  11. Did you know that I actually have fainting goats? Like serious, we own about 15-20 of them!! And I'm super sad about this car, when I saw your picture I was worried but then I saw your rental, then I was just jealous. Glad your alright though :)


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