Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This N That

Look who decided to show up today!

I have a headache today. So I am not up to much.

I am more up to sitting back and relaxing but we can not all do that. Things that did happen yesterday...I wrote a mean post about ATT. I talked to Becca at ATT and was told that due to the fact that I can not get ANY coverage at my house I they are letting me out of my contract. 
I know..I was a little shocked as well but now I am able to get with a cell provider that offers coverage in my area. NOW I have had ATT since I was 18 and they were wonderful. They do offer great phones and great service...just for me, where I live it sucks! 

I also have a Color Run on Saturday...do you think I have trained...AT ALL? Nope.

I have the Blake Shelton concert on Thursday evening. I plan to drink to much, dance like a fool and sneak back stage. It would be pretty awesome to drink with him. Just one shot is all I ask. Please country music gods, make this happen.

I also need a guest poster for Friday..any takers? 


  1. Your gifs always make me laugh! Yay for ATT letting you out of your contract! Have fun at the color run! I did one a few weeks back (just realized I never blogged about it :/ oops!) it was fun but I walked the whole time, so don't worry about not training!

  2. I expect a couple of live action shots during the concert, you know me. shoot me up, or at least ig it. or, if you do the snap chat, get at me giiiirl :)

  3. So glad you got your ATT situation resolved!

  4. you will do great at the color run!!!

  5. I wish they would let me out of my contract!!! The key to the color run eat donuts before, after, and during. Then you'll be just fine. :)


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