Monday, September 23, 2013

Things You Need!

Okay, time for a normal post today after my vent session. I figured I would go with things every girl must have/know. Being that I am now 26, I feel like I am wise in this...well sort of. 

1. A good pair of shoes. I love my fall boots. There is nothing better and they make you look amazing! Check out my post last year on them. I love them and have no idea what I would do without them! 

2. A good friend. You have to a have a good friend that you can rely on in good times and bad times. You need this gal pal to gossip with, go shopping with and she need to be there for you and you need to be there for her.

3. A good bra. This is obvious. 

4. A good pair of jeans that make you look fabulous! I had a pair I loved and I wore them out. It is very hard to replace these. I try to always find some like it and can never find any. 

5. A good relationship with your mom. You may think you hate her growing up but when you are my age, she can be your best friend.

6. A good purse. They may cost a little bit more than you are willingly to pay but they last longer and are worth the money. I prefer Coach. They last a long time and are worth every dime! 

7. A hobby. I never had one until recently. Now I have to many due to not having one. I have the store, the blog, and I love DIY projects. A good hobby is the best. You stay busy and have fun doing things. 

8. Yourself. You need to be able to depend on your self. Do not lean on others and expect them to do things for you. You need to make your self happy first before you can make others happy. 

What do you think a every girl should have? 


  1. I personally believe that I could not survive without my girlfriends and my relationship with my mom. I think that they keep me on the straight and narrow. I love this post. I can recommend a few things to go on this list, but then again I am sure you know already what I would say lol

  2. I always find the best jeans on Ebay, usually the brand and style I like for a great deal.

  3. Definitely agree with the momma and purse ones! Others? I'd say nail polish and a hair straightener!!

  4. You need a bloggy BFF too, CHECK! :) I like it lady :)


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