Thursday, September 12, 2013

Songs that Define Me

Last week..I think last week..Helene announced this link up and my heart was all YAY because I am all about some music and applying to my life and being all HEY that is me. That wrote that because they knew that was applying to me. At least I tell my self that every day.
Helene in Between

1. Miranda Lambert...basically anything she has ever written and I am pretty she that if she was gay...she would be my lover but neither of us are.
Okey Dokey..Now every song of hers I really love..I have seen her 3 times in concert and have a guitar pick thrown off stage. BUT this song really has made me kinda me. I was kinda CRAZY before Chris and WITH Chris. I had to Hide my Crazy and ACT LIKE A LADY YALL.  (see what I did there?? Get it??)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend by Miranda Lambert on Grooveshark

2. Kipp Moore Beer I need to explain?
Beer Money by Kip Moore on Grooveshark

3.I really just love this one. Everytime its on I have to sing to it. Do not dare change the station.
Just Give Me a Reason (feat. Nate Ruess) by P!nk on Grooveshark

4. Pretty much what I say to anyone who says anything negative about the way I live my life :) 
Kiss My Country Ass by Blake Shelton on Grooveshark

5. One sappy one....the song that Chris and I danced to at the wedding. We picked this out right before we danced.
You Had Me From Hello by Kenny Chesney on Grooveshark

6. This one actually makes me dance. It is my may find me dancing in the car. I am country girl through and through!
boys round here by Blake Shelton on Grooveshark

6. Because most you do not know this song and I love it, it annoys my husband and I will play it as loud as I can like a 16 year old girl every chance I you go. This is another song that I LURVE.
Rockin' the Beer Gut by Trailer Choir on Grooveshark

I love country music...I was raised in the country and that is who I am :) Go link up and let Helene know what defines you!


  1. Love this list and that it's all country! haha that's my girl with her beer money and beer gut!

  2. I love so many types of music but country is some of my favorite, other than Def Leppard I'm pretty sure every concert I've ever been to was country.

  3. My favorite Miranda song is Bring Me Down! Dang, I should've put that on my list!!

  4. I love all of Kip Moore's music... his album is so, SO good! Smart girl being a country girl! :)

  5. Haha I love both Miranda and Blake..their songs are always great. Wow we must compare crazy stories lol

  6. A LOT of blake in there... Mine would consist of Dolly, Luke and a couple other goodies :)

  7. All good choices!! LOVE Boys 'round here, and we both know our mutual love for Ms. Lambert :)

  8. i totally forgot to do this. i may have to do a second post ha!

  9. Love this list! I got to see Trailer Choir perform 'Rockin the Beer Gut' live at the CMA fest a few years ago, they are fantastic.

  10. whoo hoo, you know i'm not a big country fan but i listened and these songs are sooo good!


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