Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sad sad day

Today I have to turn in my rental car. Depression is setting in. 

I get my Ford Fusion back today as well. 

I am glad honestly to have my car back but I love my rental and would rather have it..HINT HINT JEEP! 

A week from today I will be seeing the ever so amazing Blake Shelton in concert. I am 3rd row which makes me happy. If you are from the area and will be at the concert, I apologize ahead of time of anything you may see if I make the big screen there. JUST A WARNING! (ex. flatfooting, crazy dancing, all beer induced) If you know how to get me backstage, hook it up. I would love to interview him, hug him, smell him. Anything would work for me. 

So this is all I got today so here is so music to get you through the day! 


  1. third row?! that is something to be happy about!!

  2. 3rd freakin row?! Also, your blog title said "sad day" and the picture that came up was Blake and Miranda and for a second I thought you were going to report that they were getting a divorce and I was abou to get REALLY sad. Glad we avoided that. Hahaha

  3. Hey, as long as there's no boobie flashing you're golden!! :p

  4. woo hoo I love him on the voice ;)

  5. Aw that's awesome, hope you have an amazing time at the concert!! :)


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