Friday, September 13, 2013

Car Problems

As most of you know I have issues with cars. My Focus was stolen and totaled back in the spring and last weekend I rear ended my husbands truck and caused $5000.00 damages to my Fusion. While that is being repaired, I have a rental car which is a Jeep Patriot. 

Now here is my problem. I have always wanted a SUV. Like really wanted one. Like would give up some of my some need me. HAHA but seriously. We can work a deal people! If you have seen my twitter feeds I have been subtly hinting to Jeep to give me a Patriot this week. They are not even replying to me. I would even take one with JEEP all over it. I am all for advertising. 

 In all honesty, it rained last night and I felt a lot safer driving it then I do in my car. Not sure why but I really did. I am guessing it was the tires and I am not as low to the ground and I am in the car. I could easily go trade in my car and have a payment again but there is a problem. 1 WORD...HUSBAND. He does not want a payment right now. I am all for it but not that guy. I have tried everything I can.

1. I have used the fact that the Fusion takes more gas (who would of thunk that one??). It only cost me $30.00 to fill the Patriot and the Fusion is about $45.00 to $50.00. BOOM.
2. I have used the fact that I felt safer driving it. Shut down again!
3. I have even used the fact that I look freaking cute driving it. That should of worked right now. 
4. Any other things like bribing him with not gonna work. 

I am pretty sure when my car is repaired at the end of next week and I turn the rental back in I am going to cry like a baby because I would rather have the rental then the Fusion. Yep...I am a Ford person all the way but I LOVE this Patriot and would do anything for it. 

I may look like a spoiled brat right now because I have a nice car and I am being a turd because I am not getting my way but dang it, I want it. 


  1. Your #3 alone should be reason enough to make the switch :)

  2. Not spoiled at all... you already know my response: you work, you make money, you buy the car :) I know, I'm too independent for my own damn good... probably why marriage did not work out for me!;)

  3. I love my Fusion but I had no idea a SUV could ever get better gas mileage. I get not wanting to have a car payment again but I also get wanting an new car badly, tell him it can be your Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present so he's off the hook for those next three significant dates.

  4. Girl!! I got an SUV after I wrecked my little car a couple years ago and I'm not sure I'll ever drive a car again. I feel SO much safer in an SUV!! What is the payment on your car? My Ford Escape is a limited edition, pretty loaded and it's less than $400 a month. That was WITH an extra warranty and I chose the highest payment (because of lowest interest) option. You could make it work!!!

  5. keep on whining! you might get it! i love my taco, but we've already discussed it! try the "this is a great family vehicle" and then go into the "you don't want me to die, i feel safer" speech! it might work...



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