Friday, September 20, 2013

And shes back!

I got my car back yesterday and was majorly impressed with how wonderful she looked!!! The even cleaned her inside and out. They must have known I do not do that and felt bad for the car! I am happy to have it back even after my whining to trade it in. 

I am also debating on switching from ATT to Sprint but I am stuck in that ole contract thing. Does anyone know if they buy them out?? ANYONE? I would love to get a new phone and all but ATT has me on lock down. We can not use our phones at our house. We have to stand in one spot to get cell service. I am getting so frustrated and then people come over and use Sprint and they are good to go! 


When I did drive by the ATT place on the way to work this morning, there was a line outside of it. The store does not open until 10:00 a.m. It looked something like this.

Now I know everyone wants the new IPhone but people you could have pre-ordered it or ordered it today and it would have said you time in these crazy lines!

Also this weekend I have no plans. NONE. This is rare for me. We normally have a ton of things to do. I like this but I fore see a ton of cleaning. So to keep my from cleaning, please buy stuff from the store so I can spend the weekend packing up orders. That would make me happy. 

Next weekend I am running a 5K which I have yet to prepare for so this may be last pre weekend post.....pray for me. 


  1. I wish someone would clean my car inside and out, it's not clean at all ever.

  2. Man, I'm the opposite. I normally never have plans on the weekends, but this weekend is my little man's birthday party. Oy vey! :)

    Glad you got your car back and that it's all nice and clean. Have a super duper weekend.

  3. You will do awesome in your 5k!! If I'm guessing, I bet you could buy out your contract but it would cost you some precious doll hairs. But I really have no idea because I have Verizon lol

  4. I switched from AT&T to Sprint... you have to pay the fee to get out of your contract, but that'll pay for itself in time! Sprint is so much cheaper and I'm so glad I switched!!

  5. Yay the car does look great! My question about the iPhone is that people are freaking out that it's gold, isn't everyone just going to put a case over it?!

  6. Yay for the car being back! OMG you have not prepared for the race? O lord I will def. be praying for you!

  7. i'm now working for a call center for at&t so I'm just now learning the ropes


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