Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's Happening in Country Couture

The store has really been coming along lately and I want to thank all of my AMAZING CUSTOMERS!!! Right now I have a big fall clearance sale going on. Make sure you go check it out! I have a ton of stuff on clearance to make room for some new fall inventory I want to get in so go buy something ladies!!! Almost everything is close to 50-60% off and if you check out My Three Bittles blog (I would show you her picture but you need to go to her blog and check it out...she looks super cute) today there is a discount code on there for her readers!  The prices are from $7.00 to $26.50! 

Here are some of my wonderful customers in clothes they have purchased from the store. They put a smile on my face and make me happy that I have jumped into this crazy adventure!

Desirae from Mommies Manis 

If you ever have any questions how something fits, want to see how it fits or want a item I do not have, feel free to e-mail me, tweet me, text me, what ever you feel like. I love helping people out and showing them how the dresses fit and what they really look like!!

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  1. Love this! Just ordered again! =D

  2. I love my dress!! THANK YOU!!

  3. Lovin all the ideas! I need to pull mine out for some photos still! Dang it for being busy and never having time :)

  4. Aww, yay! I love my dress! I'm going to order again very soon. :)

  5. I adore my chevron cami dress. Will definitely order something else soon! :)


  6. I'm saving my money for something great, I can't wait to see your fall items!

  7. love all of it!!! I will be buying something soon, i give myself gifts when I reach certain workout goals and one of your dresses is on my list!!!


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