Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Bachelorette: Settling

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Ok...lets be honest. Who else was upset with last nights finale? Who else thought that Brooks was going to come in riding a unicorn/white horse and tell Des he was wrong and an ass and he was sorry? I sure did. All the spoilers that we all have read, acted like we didn't were wrong. Brooks is a bitch and broke the girls heart. She settled for Chris in my opinion for a ring. Lets see how long they last..hmm. 

Atleast Juan Pablo is the next the Bachelor

I mean...he is hunky and will make all the cray girls come out. The first episode will be the best. 


  1. i didn't watch it but from what i've heard i totally agree- she just settling! will not last more than a few months!

  2. I didn't watch it (shocker) but your gifs for this made me lol

  3. I don't even see how it is a contest between Brooks and Chris, Chris is so perfect! I wish them the best, but not counting my chickens that they will last forever...

  4. Haha I think that Brooks is a giant dick..I mean he is an idiot. I just hope Des and Chris last..I would hate to think she went through all that for nothing!


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