Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Bucket List

Since we just got back from vacation and had a super long car ride home, Chris and myself got to talk about EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. We are planning a trip to Florida this winter and are trying to figure out what to do when we are there for the week. We also talked about things to do before the  BIG P and here are some things we both want to do. 

My Bucket List: 

1. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Sorry..but I am a big dork and love the books and movies. I gotta go to this place and drink butter beer, get my own wand and act like a kid again. 

2. Go on a cruise. Never been and would love to go...any cruise...doesn't matter. Any suggestions? 

3. Go to Europe. I would love to go overseas. England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany..hey..send me please.

4. I have never left the East Coast except to go on my honeymoon to Jamaica  I feel like I need to go to CA once..just once. 

5. More blates with bloggers...who doesn't have that on their bucket list? (Okay this is just mine but still)

6. Go to a a few trade shows for the store. (again only mine)

What is on your travel bucket list?


  1. I want to go someplacce west of the Mississippi, I landed at LAX long enough to board a flight to Australia but I've never actually visited a state out west.

  2. I SO wanna have some blates!!

  3. These are all good ones! Even the trade show one, I'd love to go just to look around in awe

  4. love it! you have to go to europe asap!!

  5. oooohh I want to do the Harry Potter world too!

  6. Love your list! I would love to check out the east coast, I have only been there once, and I was 8...

  7. Cruises are FUN! I recommend Carnival just because they have a younger crowd, it's more laid back, and did I mention FUN?! Very wallet friendly too... I don't think people realize how cheap it can be to take a vacation on a cruise!

  8. I definitely wanna go to NYC and have a few horses.

  9. These are all reasonable! Money sucks so I could see how that might stop a trip or two but if you knock them out one at a time enjoy it! I am dying to go see HP so please fill me in on how awesome it is! Jealous, super super jealous....

  10. great list!!!! I made a bucket list and I am gung hoe on completing it, like yours it is mainly trips :)

  11. You do need to go to CA. It's the best gosh darn state ever! As a bonus, they're building another Wizarding World in LA so you could knock two of your bucket list items off! Just a note, the butter beer is overrated, but everything else is absolutely magical!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  12. Great list!
    We did a cruise from Miami to Bahamas and it was so much fun. Do it while you are young enough to not mind it or what until you're too old to care!


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