Monday, August 12, 2013

Jen Gives Fashion Advice Today!

Hey guys! Today I have Jen from That's Is What She Read. She is a cutie and one heck of a writer. Her blog is a good read for a laugh, inspiration or something fun! Today..she is giving you some great fashion advice!


Hey Rachel readers! I'm Jen from That's Is what She Read.
I blog alot about books but because of what I am pretty sure is Adult ADD, I talk about all sorts of other stuff, like what to do when my 3 year old has the worst sailor mouth imaginable, how to keep the conversation away from butt crack jokes at the dinner table and I also really like to write original quotes and short stories. So, there's pretty much something for every one over there. 

Since Rachel has started the awesome adventure Country Couture, I thought I would go over there and pick out an outfit I would love to have for fall. Fall is my FAVORITE. I pretty much start thinking about it in May. Check list: scarves, cardigans, Pumpkin Cinnamon Yankee Candles and lattes. Yes please!  My eye has been on the Chevron Cami Dress from day one. I couldn't help but imagine how cute it would look with boots and a cardy for autumn, so here is what I came up with! Thanks to the wonderful world of Piperlime, B. Republic and Old Navy, I am pretty sure this outfit deserves to be in my closet, don't you!? 

Country Couture

I also fell in love with the Peach Tunic . Peach and teal are my favorite right now and I really hope it doesn't go out of style for a long time because I am I think the key to fall for me is also going to be a cute pair of flats and skinnies. Untitled #15

Now I DO have to make a major disclaimer here. I am IN NO WAY a fashiony type gal. But I must say that since blogging has become a part of life, it has helped my closest tremendously. I don't think I've worn a hoody since I started! (Don't get me wrong, I will always be a die hard hoody fan) But I just started finally understanding how to put outfits together and love the feeling of getting dolled up now! 

And with cute as crap  clothes out there now, like Rachel's store PLUS all the inspiration and ideas I get from other blogs and Pinterest, there's just no way I can stay away from wanting to better my wardrobe! 

So thanks Rachel! :) 

What are your MUST HAVES for fall?

I read an article that said jewel tones are going to be hot!

What are your favorite colors for Fall 2013? I think I'll be a huge fan of the Emeralds and Acai/Plus hues! 

Hope this has you in the mood for autumn or to do a little shopping! Come say hi sometime, you can find me rambling on the blog, spouting randomness on twitter or posting quotes and pics of the kiddos on instagram! Oh, and obviously, I'm always on Pinterest, you know, furnishing the house and closet of my dreams! :) 


  1. love all these picks! so pretty!! and I love me some Jen!

  2. Great looks, Jen! I have the chevron dress and I absolutely love it. I'm eyeing several other things in Rachel's shop, as well. :)


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