Thursday, August 1, 2013

Discover Your State: Kings Dominion Part

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kings Dominion. All opinions are my own.*

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I was given the opportunity to go to Kings Dominion and do a park review. Kings Dominion is one of the major amusement parks around this area in Virginia and is AMAZING. If you have not been there, go now. Stop what you are doing and go. We went on one of the hottest days of the year. They were issuing heat advisories over the intercom speakers throughout the park. 

The very first thing we had to do upon arrival was go to first aid. The husband forgot his anti-acid pill and we had to go see what they could give him. They were so nice and helped us out. Kings have the best first aid people there! 

Now..this park is home to 17 thrill rides, 15 family rides, has its own water park included in your ticket price (that alone is worth it), live entertainment and Planet Snoopy which is just for kids! 

Now the Water Park was my favorite place to be that day as it was SO HOT. They have a ton of water slides, a wave pool, cabana rentals, and a lazy river. I wanted to stay in the lazy river all day long! It felt so good. The staff there was great too. If you needed help, they were so nice and would help you with whatever you needed.

Now I have went to this park since I was a kid and I know this sounds corny but my favorite thing to do there since I was a kid was ride the Blue Ridge Tollway cars. I did this with my dad and mom when i was little and super excited to ride it with my husband..I much excitement right there. This was actually the first thing I did when I got to the park. 

Yeah..I was happy! 

Now Planet Snoopy is for kids and I love that they have this. Most kids that go to amusement parks can not do a lot but here..they have so much they can do.

 My husband wants to ride on the kids little track and the attendants wouldn't let him so we settled for a picture of the track instead (I am pretty sure he would not have fit in those cars.)

He even tried to eat Snoops cookie!

The food here is also to die for. You can really get anything you want. They had something for everyone. The one thing you have to get if you come here is Ritas. It is amazing. We got one before we left and we ate the entire thing. It is Italian Ice and Custard. Enough said...just get one. 

The rides are also a ton of fun. What I recommend when going to Kings Dominion is go to the water park in the morning. That is what we did. The water park gets packed in the afternoon. Ride the rides in the afternoon. The lines are not as long. We did not have long lines for rides in the afternoon and it was nice. My favorite rides at Kings Dominion are by far the Log Flume, has been for years and I love the Volcano. These are the best rides. The Volcano is the best ride there. If you ever go ride! You will be glad you did. 

This park is one of my favorite. I have been to a few and I have always loved this one. You can never go wrong with Kings Dominion. The staff is great and everyone is so friendly. If you are ever near there, go. It is not expensive and you get your monies worth! I now leave you with pictures from the Eiffel Tower that I took!


  1. that lazy river looks delightful!!!

  2. I LOVE Kings Dominion!!! Lucky girl that you got to go and review! :)


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