Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hey hey hey! It is that time again for BBMVP link up. Let me know what you think of the houseguest...who is going home..who will the BBMVP nom.etc etc. So link up with +Kelsey Homolka and I to let us know what you think! 

This week here are my lovely predictions: 

Gina Marie-HOH
So somehow this lady is HOH. She beat out Mcrae. She is though it seems putting who she wants on he block. She is not letting Amanda pull the strings...so far. I am not watching live feeds though so I am not sure. I hope she colors that hair though...she is starting to get a bro-ho. 

Candice-Nom 1
I really like Candice and I hope she gets to stick around a little bit longer. I hope she does not get sent home. She has stuck up for her self when needed and that is why people do not like her. I really hope she wins POV.

Jesse-Nom 2
Jesse is up because of some dumb reason that I could not even listen to GM rattle out. I feel for her because most of the house is mean to her. She is a nice girl but she will not get far in the house. I really hope she comes off the block. 

Helen is going to get hers I believe. She is playing really hard and I am waiting for someone to flip on her. I think it will be Elissa. She is going to get tired of playing with Aaryn and GM. 

Judd is playing both sides right now and is using Jesse which is not okay. Judd..you are not a stud and need to chill whatever you are trying to do. Aaryn is using this poor fool. He will be booted off with the time comes. 

She has seemed to downplay alot and is not bugging me as bad. She is okay for now...

Amanda-MVP VOTE?
I really hope America votes Amanda as the MVP vote again. She is a bully and I am tired of seeing her run around in underwear. No one wants to see that..NO ONE. Vote her off pleaseeeee.

I love this season but some of this case is driving me bonkers!



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  1. Oh I wish I hadn't already written a post today, I am going to have to put this link up on my calendar for next week! I really hope someone puts up Helen or Amanda soon and then follows through and votes them out.

    I cannot believe Amanda was running around the house in her undies. She doesn't really know any of those people or ALL of America, so gross!

  2. I kind of hope Amanda gets put up too. She is starting to grate on my nerves and yes, she's being a bully! I feel sorry for Jesse, but half the time I forget she's even in the house.

  3. I feel really bad for Jessie. She's a nice girl, really sensitive, and she's being bullied by Amanda. I'm hoping that there is some stroke of luck and she's able to get Amanda out of the house. If not, she'll most likely be going home soon.


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