Friday, August 16, 2013

Amanda from A Beautiful MEss

Today I have Amanda from A Beautiful Mess! I love this lady! She is a great blogger and is also a country lover like my self. She recently moved across the country and I was having withdraws from her!! She is super cute and you have to read her blog! 


Hello readers of Rachel's Country Roots! Isn't Rachel the best? Seriously one of the most thoughtful girls, ever. She was even sweet enough to check up on me when I was M.I.A. from Twitter for a month due to moving across the country. We are all aware of the millions of blogs and Twitter followers we need (or feel like we need) to keep up with and for Rachel to remember little ole me was pretty amaze. 

Anyways, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Amanda. I blog at A Beautiful Mess. I blog about just about everything--beauty, fitness, health and I share the occasional recipe, too! Come say hi! You also follow me on Twitter or Instagram (of which I am pretty obsessed with).

In the last two years I have moved from Oregon to Florida to California. I grew up in a small town in Oregon and moved to a small town in Florida. Both environments were laid back. We were allowed to stay in on the weekends and watch movies, play board games and drink wine. We strolled to the beach around 2 in the afternoon on the weekends for a few hours before the storm hits. We'd proceed to a restaurant for appetizers and drinks before heading home, where we'd make dinner and open a bottle of wine. 

Sadly, city life is nothing like this. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love the city. I love great restaurants and shopping. I love this view in particular:
 photo longbeachview_zps6cf4b003.jpg

But I can't always enjoy this view because I am too busy trying to keep up with this lifestyle. I feel as if I have to try every restaurant and go into every store possible. We all know that isn't possible and I am learning to take a deep breathe and relax. A slow process :)

These are some things I am learning and adjusting to in LA city life:
1.) You will always be in traffic. Weather it's midnight on Sunday or 1pm in the afternoon on a Wednesday. You'll be in traffic. Get over it.

2.) Expect to pay twice as much for any product of service. Why? Because they can. People LOVE California. People pay a lot of money to live here. Like a lot. A lot a lot. 

3.) Dogs are not allowed on the beaches. If you attempt to let your dog run on the beach for 5 minutes when there is no one around, the lifeguard will still call you out on the loud speaker. Thanks, dude. 

4.) It is not easy to get anywhere quickly. Not only because of traffic. But because this place is entirely too large. Happy hour after work with friends? Probably not. Try late night happy hour. Because that's when you'll arrive.

5.) The weather. In Florida it's hot ALL the time. Even at midnight. It cools down in California at night. Don't forget a sweater. Brrrrr.

Thanks for having me Rachel!!!! 


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