Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2 Truths and Lie from Jessica :)

Jessica from Wonder Whats Next is guest posting for me while I am away...long vacation here people. I am sunning away in Maine..the water is to cold to actually get into! Jessica and I have a lot in common. We are crazy dog blogging...and come from small towns!! She is by far one of my favorite blogs! Add her to your list..for sure! 


Hi, readers of Rachel's Country Roots! I'm Jessica and I blog over at Wonder What's Next. Rachel is on vacation this week so I'm filling in for her! I thought it was only fitting, considering she did the same for me when I was on vacation this summer. That's just what bloggy friends are for!
If you're unfamiliar with me or my blog, let me give you a crash course. I write about a little bit of everything. Sometimes it's health and fitness, sometimes it's my favorite TV shows, and sometimes it's Ryan Gosling! Oh, I blog about my dog a lot too. That's her in the picture. She's named after the sister of a princess. Click on over if you're interested. ;)
In an effort to get to know me a little better, I thought we'd play a little ice breaker. How bout two truths and a lie? Ya know, that game you play with someone you just met where they lie to you? It sounds like a perfectly good way to begin a friendship if you ask me. 
I'm kidding... I'm the worst liar EVER so you'll probably know what my lie is right away. Ok, are you ready? Here we go...
1 // I did competitive cheerleading for seven years.
2 // There were 17 people in my graduating class. Four of them I have known since before we could write our names.

3 // I have three fake teeth. I broke them when I was in high school.

Ok, so which one of the above statements is a lie? Send me a tweet or go leave a comment on my blog with your guess and I'll tell you if you're right or wrong! :)


Now I won't say which I think it is..but what do you think?

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