Thursday, August 22, 2013

16 days to go!

I have only 16 days to go and I will be at Richmond International Raceway cheering on my favorite Nascar drivers. I will be trying to find Dale Jr., Casey Mears and Kyle Busch. If you can make this happen for me..MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE. Unfortunately we do not have pit passes :( but I will still have a blast even if I do not get to go in the pits. I will be in the stands cheering on my favorite drivers.  

As you know I was given the chance at the spring race to interview Casey Mears and that was one of the best moments of my life. You can check that out here

This time I have no interviews which makes me sad. I would love to meet some drivers this time so I may have to wait in some lines to see if I can score a pass or two for meet n greets. I will be playing cornhole in the field though, grilling out with my family, drinking and having all sorts of shenanigans. 

Richmond is a great track to go to. It is a short track and so much fun. They have a ton for you to do. There are games, food, DRINKING, and they give away a TON of stuff at the different vendors. The fans are amazing, mostly everyone gets along. You may see a fight or two but hey that adds to the excitement. 

Now I am so excited every year for the race to come around. My parents and even grandparents go with me. Call us redneck/country but it is our thing. We do not watch football/baseball. We watch Nascar! I even think Nascar should hire me as a blogger (hint hint Nascar) are the things you have to take to a Nascar race:
1. Beer and fire ball whiskey. It cost way to much in the race. Get hammered before you go in the stands.
2. A collapsible cooler. You can not take a hard cooler in and if you wanna take in your booze you gotta have a soft cooler that can fold up! (Atleast at Richmond)
3. Food. Pack whatever cooler you leave at that truck with food. You can not afford to eat at the race all day but you do want to try some of the food they have.
4. A grill. You are gonna tail gate. We get there at 7:00 a.m. and do not leave until the race is over...that's a lot of eating. PACK FOOD.
5. A tent. We take a tent every year so we do not get sun burnt.
6. Music...we have music playing so we can dance and have some fun.
7. preferably. This makes a big difference...(in my book at least) You can dance on the back of the truck...sleep on the bed, sit on it, it really comes in handy.
8. Chairs..duh.
9. Corn hole gotta stay entertained.
10. SUNBLOCK FOR PALE FOLK! I get burnt every year so remember sun block. 

And that folks is what you need for a race! 


  1. I used to be obsessed with Nascar. I used to follow it like it was all that mattered in life. My whole family used to be such huuuge fans. And then after Earnhardt died... they stopped really watching & I miss it so much. It was a huge part of my childhood for a really long time. This brought back memories for me! You must be so excited! =)

  2. I have been to nascar once! it sounds like you will have a complete blast!

  3. Even though I lived in Charlotte for 12 years I never made it to a NASCAR race, Tyson went and said it was great especially the tailgating.

  4. AHHH so exciting! Kyle Busch raced the trucks last night at Bristol and won, did you see that? I'm not a fan of his, but since you are I thought of you! You will have a blast!

  5. i like to take fireball whiskey everywhere I go

  6. I've never been to a race before but it sounds like lots of fun!!

  7. I love the list. I'd be a first time so I'd of course have to follow you around and take notes. If it's anything like Czech Days then I'd for sure have to pace myself in the drinking thing!!

  8. I love going to Nascar races! I've never been to Richmond, but it sounds like a blast! When the boy and I first started dating, I dragged him to Charlotte for a race. He thought I was crazy because he never really got into Nascar on TV. But live, he loved it :)

  9. Girlfriend, you're gonna have TOO much fun!!


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