Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Shennanies!

Sami's Shenanigans

This weekend flew by. I am not sure where it went but it just went Hey girl..I am here ...Hey girl..I am gone! Not cool weekend...not cool. I actually got a lot done this past weekend. My entire house is CLEAN. So happy about that one and because my mother sells Scentsy it smells like one of those Country Treasure stores since I have 5 warmers in my house and everyone has cinnamon in it. 

I got my lovely custom Miranda Lambert corn hole boards Friday after work. That was a perfect way to start the weekend. They are amazing! You can not get not try. I will hurt you. But if you want a set custom made for you go to Cornchucker


We literally played this all weekend long. We had friends over Saturday to play and my parents over Sunday to play. 

I also keep making this idea way..could be booze related. 
(Oh hey..theres my house in the distance.)

I also tried Fireball. I see so many bloggers with it like +Whitney Ellen and I had to try it. Let me tell you.. HEAVEN. Try this stuff now. 

On a side note..I had my best week so far last week for Country Couture. I am so thankful for everyone that has bought something and is supporting me in this. I love being able to follow my dreams!!! 

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  1. I played bags this weekend too! It's addictive.

  2. I LOVE CORNHOLE! And fireball.... is dangerous but I'm warming up to it :)

  3. What is corn hole?? Is it like washers?! Kinda?

  4. so glad you jumped on the fireball wagon!! it is my fave

  5. I will have to try that drink...btw the boards are super cute! Congrats on your success!!!

  6. miranda lampbert corn hole?! omg. haha

  7. this is the second time in a couple days i have heard of fireball so i think its a sign?! Plus that face is cute so keep on it sista! lol

  8. We played cornhole this weekend too! Except your boards are way cuter than our boards, haha

  9. Miranda Lambert corn hole?! You're awesome!


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