Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans-Blate edition

Sami's Shenanigans

The weekend left...dang it. But I did have a great weekend! 

1-3 I may or may not have went to Maurices and spent a ton of money. But in my defense I got a ton of stuff at $6.99 and 9.99. Including that brown leather jacket you see a tiny piece of and that white blazer. Go me! I have been eyeing them for months! 

4. Olive Garden. They welcome me and Beth from Arrow In The Eye  on our blate yesterday at Olive Garden. 

5. Beth and I. No catfishing here. Beth is super cute and sweet. Her dress was awesome as well. I love this lady! She is one of my favorite bloggers and one of a kind. She blogs about everything vintage. You have to check her out..NOW. We had a lot in common and she pretty much rocks. I can not wait to see her again!! 

6. Itsy says Mondays are over rated and she is not ready for today.

7. One of my amazing customers Karla from Forever Newly Wedded in the Madison Chevron Maxi! 

Welp..that was my weekend..what about yours? 

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your blate!! So cool!
    I'm going to do a little "review" of sorts tomorrow on the blog for the dress. I'm going to try and act like a "fashion blogger" Ohhh maaan!! =D

  2. That white top with the lace is soo cute! Looks great on ya.

  3. Glad that you enjoyed your blate. For now we will have to stick with vblate!

  4. Love that top on you! YAY for blates - so fun!

  5. That's so fun about you and Beth!!! Jealous!

  6. Itsy!!! She's so cute!! I'm dying to go on a blate. I need to find someone in my area...too bad that doesn't include you =(

  7. Hooray for blogger friends and chevron maxis. Love it all!

  8. Maurices has some amazing things, I don't blame you!

  9. love the white top and the cut pup picture!!!


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