Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Bachelorette: Finale Part 1

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Last Night on the Bachelorette...the world was shocked. The man everyone was rooting for... (spoilers coming so if you do not know..STOP NOW) decided to break America's Sweethearts heart (sorry for all the hearts) and told her she was not the one. Cue Brooks as the next Bachelor. Tears were had all over America. Des was for sure gonna pick this man. Now I understand he wanted to find out if he loved her or not but boy was playing with some emotions there. She is now left with Chris and Drew and pretty sure home girl is not feeling these guys as much as she was Brooks. I see no match making happening here. Cupid can not save this show. (She should of stuck with Ben..Just Saying). I believe that the last episode she is going to tell both boys she does not love them and she will be going back home to drink copious amounts of wine and cry in a pillow. 

Pretty sure this is Des today...she may be found rocking back and forth somewhere. 


  1. Gosh I have never seen someone cry like that before!!

  2. OK so I didn't watch this, I haven't been watching it all season, but Twitter was blowin' UP last night and I was so curious to find out what happened!!! So thanks for the update. Sounds sad though. Poor Des. =(

  3. I think there will be a twist...Brooks never took a limo ride home, so we shall see!

  4. dang where's the spoilers at b/c one day i look up and see who she marries and next he's going away in a limo. Did i miss something?


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