Thursday, July 11, 2013


So I want to thank everyone for being super supportive yesterday and for the other day. Y'all really are the best and I know how to make someone smile! Thank you!! I would so cuddle y'all so hard in a non weird way if I was near you but I am not so I can't. 


This happened yesterday. Day was made! 

Now most of you won't know who this is I am guessing. This is Aimee and Chris off of My Big Redneck Vacation on CMT. My husband, Chris, and I have watched this show since season 1 and on and we love it. I would LOVE to hang out with this family. They are so funny and honestly..just like us. SO CMT..SEND THEM MY WAY OR SEND ME THEIR WAY. I even got to DM with Aimee, even if it was over a tshirt I was buying but hey...I still got to talk with one of my favorite rednecks. DAY MADE.

Yep..They are just like my friends are family. Lurve it! I hope the rain slacks off today and everyone has a wonderful Thursday! 

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  1. I love it when "famous" people interact with me on twitter! so cool!

  2. It is always awesome when celebs acknowledge you on Twitter! How cool! Hope you have a better day today, friend. :)

  3. Haha. I love when "celebrities" reach out to their fans!

  4. "I would cuddle y'all so hard"...hahahahahahahaha!

  5. I love that GIF so much, and a group hug sure sounds nice today! Because I'm having one of the rough ones, myself.


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