Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shopping Addiction

Lets be honest. I have a shopping addiction. It is not with cheap things either. It is not that I am snob or anything like that, I just have certain things that I like. I typically do not shop in consignment shops for clothes. It is not that I do not wear second hand clothes, I am just a little paranoid about things and I am a bit obsessed with certain stores. 

Today...the Coach Outlet sent me a email with a HUGE CLEARANCE SALE. 


Now...I love me some Coach but I refuse to pay that high price for a bag. My cart was up to about $300.00 when my husband calls and ask what I am doing and I briefly mention something about Coach and he says NO.


He also mentions that we are going to Maine soon and that they have a outlet there and I can get stuff there or go to the outlet in Williamsburg here and get stuff. I then exit the screen. No sneaking stuff past that guy. I even tried to get him to steal pigs this morning that were in the road...he wouldn't even do that..psh. 

My shopping addiction goes way past this. I tend to go clothes shopping, alot. As you know I have my own clothing store and I have managed to only keep one thing from it. I LOVEEEE all my clothes in it but I want to sell them...not keep them all for my self. I have good will power there. When it comes to shopping for my self now...I have NO WILL POWER. I will spend money like it is growing on a tree in my back yard. Maurices loves me and thinks I am their best customer. They offered me a job last week since I am their so much. No joke. 

Now I can not go in Target really without my husband. I will buy stuff that is not needed. Like seriously. I will look at things that we do not have/need and be like "Oh lets get that" "That is so cute" and he will be like "Rachel we do not need that" get me everytime. We have not seen each other in months. I know it has been a long time and you miss me not worry. I will be back soon.

One day I may let you know how bad my closet/dresser have gotten but until then...toodaloo! 

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  1. Haha just tell him that this is the cost of a camo bedroom!

  2. I just got way to excited when you mentioned the coach outlet sale.

  3. I'm not allowed in target unsupervised. And you should just come raid my closet the next time you feel the urge to shop since most of my stuff is new with tags. haha

  4. Ugh, I feel your pain about Target. Target just never goes wrong. It's a blessing and a curse I tell ya...hahahaa

  5. Heck I love to shop too but what's the sense in shopping if you cant afford it nor have the money for it.

    Usually you want stuff when you dont have money and you dont want it when you do have the money.

  6. I am a cheap shopper but I shop A LOT. I think nothing of dropping $25 at forever 21 but it adds up!!

  7. I agree, Target is nothing and I agree with Helene, it is the $25 that keeps adding up!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. I'm a sucker for Target too. The fiance tells me I'm not allowed to go there unsupervised, but since I don't listen well he gets very nervous anytime I'm in the vicinity of a Target. :)


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