Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guest Post: Carissa @T is for Townsend

Hey guys, I decided to take a few days off from blogging because..well...I am off work tomorrow and I need a break!! So one of my favorite bloggers ever is taking over the blog today. She is the real life Katniss! No BS! I love this chick!! 


Hey there Country Roots readers!
I'm Carissa and I blog over at T is for Townsend
I'm so happy to be guest posting for Rachel today in her oh-so-lovely corner of the internet!
Cause Rachel is in fact, oh-so-lovely right?!

Fun fact: the first guest-post I ever did was on Rachel's blog.
She popped my "guest-post" cherry, if you will.

Another fun fact: the second guest-post I ever did (the one you're reading right now) 
was on Rachel's blog.
So you know, I like Rachel and stuff.


Rachel told me to write about anything, so in an effort to introduce myself to her readers and maybe do a bit of a"get to know you" sesh, I have for you today a very mature, very sophisticated list of:

10 things I'm afraid of
...cause I'm a brave 26 year old woman out there in this big 'ol world

1.) The lie

2.) The vacuum sucking up my toes
This was a childhood fear of mine that unfortunately, I just couldn't shake.

3.) Grammatical errors
I'm not afraid of others' grammatical errors - I've come to terms with the idea that grammar died with the invention of social media - but I am afraid of making them myself - on accident of course. 
And then having my mom call me out on it in front of everyone on the interwebs.
Like so:
Love you too mom.

4.) Swallowing a watermelon seed and getting pregnant
I mean, I know this couldn't really happen...but it's always the back of my mind
...freaking me out
5.) Cats
You never really know what they're thinking, and that makes me uncomfortable

6.) Bees
I run from bees. I can't lie.

7.) Confrontation
I hate it. It scares me. 
If there's a problem and you confront me about it, I'll probably be like, "I'm really really sorry, you're right, yeah, I'll fix it, it's fine, we're good..." etc. etc.

8.) Hydroplaning
Yes, I AM that Arizona driver that when a little precipitation falls from the sky I freak out and drive 25 miles per hour.
I just really don't wanna hydroplane OK?

9.) Unibrows
There's something unsettling about a least this one.

10.) When multiple dishes finish cooking at the same time
This rarely happens seeing as how I rarely cook, but when I do and the chicken and the veggies are done at the same time, and those timers go off at the same's just too much pressure.
Too much pressure and too much chaos, two timers dingin' at the same time.
I can't do it.

So there you have it.
I'm a big girl, I promise.
All grown up and stuff.

Thanks Rachel for having me!
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  1. Yay! Hahaha! Thanks again for having me! =)

  2. Haha, that guy with the unibrow looks like Jafar from Aladdin!

  3. Ha, I love that her mom called her out on Twitter. Hilarious!

  4. Bahaha, love #10. This happens to me all the time and I'm usually yelling "OMG! I only have 2 hands!! This is RIDICULOUS!" haha. :)


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