Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fall Fun!

So a few people have blogged about this today and since this gal, right here, has no motivation today, this is what you are getting. 

5 months from will be Christmas. How can that be you ask? Well this year has flown by like no other. I am super excited. Like really really excited. It is not the gifts that have me all happy and butterflies in my belly. It is the decorations. I love me so decorations. I love decorating my house for fall and winter. My vacation is in 2 weeks and when I get back I plan on pulling out boxes of fall decorations and going to town. I will not put up the Christmas post yet..I will save you from that. But here are some things I can not wait for!

These bad boys were from my garden last year. The vines are up and lets keep our fingers crossed for some more this year! 

I made Pumpkin Pie for the first time last year and was super impressed with how well I did...I can not wait to make it....BUT I want a healthy version..any recipes? 

This was made by Christina at Carolina Charm. I love her blog and she is a very talented person. I am making this, this year. I have to try it. This is a top pin on pinterest and you can find it on her blog. 

Or when our County has the local Fall Festivals! I love everything about Fall and I am ready for Summer to be over!! 

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  1. Dang woman! You're counting down until Winter already?! I'm still in full summer mode until Labor Day! Gotta get that bucket list done! =) got your design back!! Love it!!

  2. I share your enthusiasm for the fall. That pumpkin pie looks delicious! My family and I love to check out all the best Haunted Houses in the PA area- that's probably what I'm most looking forward to. I can't believe it's already August!


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