Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big Brother MVP

Hey hey hey! I believe Kelsey has wandered off to a Scentsy convention..my mom is there so they may be partying together. If my mother and +Kelsey Homolka meet before me...I will not be happy. 

This week here are my lovely predictions: 

This lovely witch is wicked! I can not stand her. I know she is HOH but I am looking forward to next week and pray she is sent packing! She is racist and says the rudest stuff. If you are watching these season you understand why I can't not stand this child. 

Elissa-MVP/Nom 1

I believe that as long as this girl is in the house she will always get the MVP. She has her sisters fans behind her and there is nothing you can do. She also has Ms. Racist after her so America is gonna be behind her on that as well. I say keep her..she is great.

Helen-Nom 2

Poor Helen..this lady was guilty by association in Aaryn's war path. I do not agree with how Aaryn did her nominations but hey..everyone plays the game differently. I hope Helen will stop crying sometime soon though. I do not see her going home at all anytime soon.

Jeremy AKA Jacob from Twilight

Seriously....can they make this guy anymore horrible? He is so rude and he put someones hat on his butt and rubbed it there! He is running Aaryn and she is to dumb to realize it. If Alissa is smart..she will nom him and the house will send him packing. He does have that dumb Moving Company alliance backing him but I do not see him staying loyal!


I do not trust this little man. He is up to something. I believe Big Brother has something up their sleeve with this guy. There is more twist to come with him I think. 


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  1. Hahaha, Jeremy AKA Jacob from Twilight! That's hilarious!! Also...I haven't been watching the live feeds or After Dark, but I've been reading about the racist comments and stuff. I think that is disgusting and I think that has as much to do with why Aaryn nominated Helen as her being friends with Elissa. She's a crappy person and I'm ashamed she's from Texas.

  2. I need to start watching this so I don't feel out of the loop :)

  3. Ohhhhhhh my yes! Aaryn and Jeremy need to get packin', I can't stand them and I'm crossing my fingers that Jeremy goes home this week from MVP (don't think it'll happen but...) & Aaryn goes home next week. Did you know she lost her modeling contract for the derogatory statements she's made? I'm so glad.


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