Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Brother Live Feeds Vs. TV-Guest Post Kate-Mrs. Monologues

Hey yall!! I am spending my day at Kings Dominion today riding roller coasters and floating the lazy river with my husband. I have been asked to do a park review. So while I am yelling my head off on some coasters, the amazing Kate from Mrs. Monologues is posting for me today! She is so cute and I love her blog. She just had it re-done and I love the new look! 


Hi everyone, I'm Kate from Mrs. Monologues and Rachel has kindly let me take over her blog today to talk about a shared love of the show Big Brother. I have been watching Big Brother since the first season. Remember season 1 when they had a pug as the pet for the house? Maybe that is when my obsession with pug breeds started. Either way, I think that was the first and only season that did that. A couple of years into the show my family started getting the Live Feeds (it was slow, because internet was not as fast as it is now), and since then my yearly obsession of watching of Big Brother has turned more into watching the Live Feeds and reading recaps online than it is to watch the weekly show. I still watch them religiously to see competitions, diary room sessions, etc., but I usually spend most of the episode yelling at the TV.


 Why do I yell at the TV when watching Big Brother? Well, because the live feed and what they show can be VERY different at times. For instance, there was a lot of controversy this season around Aaryn. On the live shows they were making her out to be a sweet girl, but then on the live feeds she was anything but that. Thankfully they fixed their error, but things like what has happened is past seasons have been pushed aside. Another thing that is different is that on the show they piece together a story, they will have a conversation from one day clipped together with something completely opposite. Or show the end before the beginning. It drives me bonkers. But I still love the show. Sure do I feel creep sometimes when watching the live feeds? Totally. I mean there are times where you are watching someone sleep. Sounds like some sort of horror movie, right?


 Maybe one day I will try out. It has always been a dream of mine. I'm just saying a blogger duo would be super neat. Yeah Alison Grodner, I am talking to you.

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